Diammonium India "war" kicked off

    Author:Jiangsu Lianrun Chemical Co., Ltd.    Date:2016-07-22

    Since May 16, 2014 -10 15, diammonium off-season export tariffs levied 50 yuan / tons of export tariff preferential policies. Exit window of the open for nearly two weeks, export situation?? coincides with the recently IFA International Conference in Australia held, China diammonium companies, traders rushed to the venue and look forward to bring new turning point for diammonium phosphate exports.
    A quarter of the decline in imports in India
    From January to April 2013, diammonium export in our country the main countries for India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, exported to the total amount of these countries accounted for 93% of 1-4 months of total exports, which proportion of Indian was the highest, accounted for to 53%, with a total of 1.15 million tons. And 1-4 March 2014 China diammonium export country for Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, which India's exports accounted for only 12%, exports to 9.3 million tons. This phenomenon is caused by the India diammonium high inventory, and low price of urea, India to import large quantities of urea and reduce procurement of diammonium phosphate.
    2013 diammonium total exports of 3 million 810 thousand tons, of which India accounted for 53%, about 2 million 9 thousand tons. So, India's new year's import situation has been concerned about the arrival of the window period in 2014, China's export target early on the India market.
    According to the fertilizer association of India (IFA) statistics, the total output of diammonium March April 2013 to 2014 for 361 million tons, output of the same period in 2012 and 2013 to 365 million tons. From April 2013 to March 2014, total imports of 3 million 260 thousand tons of phosphate, 2012 -2013 year total imports of 5 million 700 thousand tons of ammonium. Last year, India imports of diammonium drastically reduced, compared with the same period in 2012, sales of imports and reduce. This is mainly due to the international economic environment, the weakening of the rupee effect. According to the Ministry of Finance announced the news, India 2014-2015 fertilizer subsidies for the year is still 679 billion 700 million rupees, year on year. This phenomenon shows that the situation of the devaluation of the currency in India did not improve, while the fertilizer subsidies did not grow, farmers buy Fertilizer enthusiasm has not been improved. From the point of view of imports in the first quarter of this year, India's domestic diammonium inventory is still at a high level, negotiations with Chinese enterprises also hold dominance.
    Export enterprises set in Hong Kong increased
    In the face of India's huge import demand, China diammonium enterprises and traders are ready. With the May 16, window open, Hubei six 1.32 million tons of diammonium from Nanjing port of. In addition, Nantong port are respectively arranged 4.2 million tons and 3.6 million tons of chemical fertilizer towards Pakistan and Karachi. Yunnan, a company has signed 60 thousand tons of export contracts with Bangladesh, the CIF value of 445 U.S. dollars / ton.
    According to the current export enterprise data statistics, Yuntianhua group plans to export 50 million tons, Guizhou Province about 50 million tons of exports, the Hubei area about 140 million tons of export plan. Rough estimate, in 2014 China's export volume of about 4 million 500 thousand tons.
    Price, the Sino Indian negotiations price has been by the window period of FOB460 dollars / ton, and gradually lowered to 420-450 U. s.dollars / ton. Domestic manufacturers of diammonium said $420 / ton is manufacturers can accept the bottom line, and less than $414 / ton price, to the enterprise would be no profit; 410 dollars / ton is "peibenzhuanyaohe", no enterprise can accept. According to the projections, in accordance with the $FOB420 / tons of export orders, excluding tax, port fees, transportation cost and so on., reduced the ex factory price 2350-2400 yuan / ton, the price of domestic spring than even lower.
    Special comment
    In the export prices, domestic enterprises have been exposed exposed bottom line to produce a surplus brought negative effects. At the same time, imports of countries such as India, Southeast Asia's own capacity to further expand, the future of China's exports is a challenge. After the completion of the shale gas revolution in the United States, will release a lot of production capacity, then China diammonium export price and quantity will affected. Domestic enterprises in the face of the problem of production capacity, more should be to change ideas, market segments, to strengthen industrial upgrading, the expansion of production capacity is not a wise practice.