Ebola , Congo

In a shocking development in Congo, three infected Ebola patients have fled from the Ebola treatment centre in Congo. From the three patients, two have died, and one other was found alive, as said by aid group on Wednesday when they are saying “Forced hospitalisation is not the solution to the epidemic.” The Medicins Sans Frontieres(MSF) mission in the city has confirmed the incident, and this takes the death toll of the outbreak has reached 27.

According to the Henry Gray, who is the emergency coordinator for the Medecins sans Frontieres or Doctors without Borders said that three patients had left their respective isolation zone of the Wangata hospital in Mbandaka city which is between Sunday and Tuesday? He added by saying, “One patient had been about to be discharged. The two others were helped to leave the hospital by their families in the middle of the night on Monday. One of the men died at home, and his body was brought back to the hospital for safe burial with the help of the MSF teams; the other was brought back to the hospital yesterday morning, and he died during the night.”

Ebola , Congo

The Health ministry sources have said that they have assigned two police officers to help in tracking the two patients. The ministry has announced that the current outbreak of the lethal hemorrhagic fever was on May 8th, 2018.

As per the spokesperson of the WHO said to the Daily Star Online, “The appearance of a confirmed case in Mbandaka is very concerning. WHO and partners are working together to rapidly scale up the search for all contacts of the confirmed case in the area.” WHO said that the main challenge is coming to control the disease is when it will reach a large urban area.

The World Health Organisation has previously warned about the spread of the Ebola disease in the city which is like a repeat of the year 2014 outbreak. The last outbreak which has devastated Congo was during the year 2014-2015, and it happened when the virus has gained the foothold in an urban area.

WHO already shipped more than 8,000 vaccines to DRC and another 8,000 is expected to arrive in the few days. This move shows how desperately WHO is trying to contain this disease from spreading to a large population.


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