Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full Review
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As we can clearly, see in the image that, Dr. Antonio M. de Fortuny head of Gastrointestinal tract surgery service at Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, guiding his whole team of doctors for leading live surgery from Mobile World Congress 2019. And just take a close look at the image given above, you will be able to see a yellow mark on the screen in the operating room, which was made by Dr. Antonio M. de Fortuny from across town.

The picture on the big display screen in front of us, look same like the scene from Anatomy of Grey. A whole team of nurses and doctors move into a sloping position over a patient who is wrapped loosely with folds of white cloth. And a TV screen beside the operating table shows a video of the large intestine (colon) of the patient.

Immediately, a yellow line appears on the video screen, indicating the team of doctors where to cut. A melodious voice, coming through a loudspeaker, discussing something with the surgeons.

Yes, I was at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, and I was watching, what has been advertised, as the first live surgery of the world that involves a doctor informing his team of doctors and nurses to operate the surgery from a remote location. Dr. Antonio M. de Fortuny head of Gastrointestinal tract surgery service at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, is at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, giving all the needed information to his team of doctors and nurses across the city. In the actual time during the operation, without any interruption like lag, the whole team can clearly, see what Dr. Antonio M. de Fortuny was drawing on a live video of the large intestine (colon) of a patient.

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full Review
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It is not a movie or a TV series. It is a live video. And this can be done only with the help of 5G Networking Technology that is spreading around the world. There is a live Vodafone 5G network at hospital situated in Barcelona and a live 5G network technology in the Hall 4 of the Gran through where Mobile World Congress 2019 takes place.

As it is said by the CEO of GSMA, John Hoffman that, “Amazingly, it is really the biggest revolution and one of the benefits 5G will bring us.” GSMA the mobile trade organization that puts on MWC 2019.

Everyone is looking 5G network as a huge change, in the life of technology, as it has the true ability to give a super boost to the speed, wide coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks. At present, a 5G network can run up to 10 and 100 times faster than your normal cellular connection, even though, it is far quicker than anything you can get with the help of physical fiber-optic cable going into your home. And the lag before a transfer of data starts following instruction for its transfer is lower than what Wi-FI offers you typically.

The 5G network technology will surely help in connections for the health care sector and as well as many other sectors. Entirely every medical knowledge in the world multiplies every 2 years, as told by Dr. Antonio M. de Fortuny. That’s why there is no way all doctors and nurses can store up with the newest advances. Near-the-ground doctors have the ability to improve the results for patients, with a specialist advising the less experienced. But foremost, the message should be delivered fast enough; Ultralow the obstruction or stoppage before a transfer of data starts following instruction for its transfer is essential. Delay in time of sending and receiving useful and needed instructions can be a subject to life or death.

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full Review
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“When you have 5G network, you have no delay, “As Dr. Antonio M. de Fortuny told one of the spokespeople, after the full demonstration on Wednesday. As he has told that his team experimented with remote- assisted surgeries for about a decade but, they did not get any responsiveness required until 5G network arrived.

And Dr. Antonio M. de Fortuny also said that “before the 5G network, we just have to freeze the image and then we can draw, but now, the surgeon is moving on.”

And If we talk about normal smartphone users there is no indication about the advantages and the actual reason behind, why we really required a 5G network. The foremost problem faced by the 5G network industries this year is to inform consumers about the best advantages of using the ultrafast 5G networking technology.

After all, we all will have 5G handsets, but if there is no killer advantage, then we have to open hundreds more for the 5G phone instead of the 4G device, it can be a tough sell, at least until further apps and services are available in 5G.

5G Network First Appearance

For all the 5G Network’s awaited advantages, it is really difficult to explain what the technology will be like. Everybody leverages the speed. It will allow you to download a full series of an episode in less than a minute, but only when there is so much downloading and streaming, we will all do when having our own 5G network supported handsets. The performance of the technology is going down on things like virtual reality and gaming, but it is very hard to brief the difference between the 5G connection and the Wi-Fi.

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full Review
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At present, there is not a single app which truly takes a benefit of the 5G network. As it is told by Fredrik Jejiling, head of the network, at Ericsson that, when 5G network technology is in developing process, it was being designed or developed with the aim of connecting people from all around the world, but not for phones. Which will include home appliances, smart home devices, cars, robots in factories and several other things? But it is really, uncertain that what the extraordinary 5G mobile app will look like.

“Who could have thought we’d get Uber out of 4G?” Jejiling said in an interview Tuesday at MWC. 2019 “We do know we’ve got a lot of innovative people around. With great technology in the hands of these guys, magical things can happen.”

As we all know, every big mobile brand companies are trying to develop a 5G network phone in this present year. One of the world’s greatest handset manufacturer, launched its first 5G network smartphone ahead of MWC 2019 in it’s Unpacked event in San Francisco, and the other big smartphone brand named Oppo told last week of its first, but not yet named 5G phone. Another topmost smartphone company named Huawei unveiled its 5G mate X foldable at Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC), and my one of the best smartphone brand Xiaomi showed its Mi Mix 3 5G network phone. Samsung is also going to launch its first 5G Network phone.

MWC also marked the first appearance of LG’s V50 and ZTE Axon 10 Pro, and Sony and OnePlus showed off an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept for the handset this year launching.

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full ReviewPhilips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full ReviewPhilips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full Review

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor Full Review
Image Source: Cnet

When the first time Xiaomi provides the first appearance of the 5G network phone at MWC, Donovan Sung – director of product management of the Xiaomi global team, called an executive from an executive of European Carrier Orange on the 5G network. The video call worked but was a type of failure to make a positive impact, at least for this reporter, who was previously watching the live 5G demo. Nothing seemed to a little bit different from the normal video chat.

“What you guys may not realize is we just made history,” Sung said to a smattering of applause during the Mi Mix 3 5G demo on Monday at MWC. “This is the first time in Xiaomi history that we’ve ever done a 5G video call outside of China.”

At the MWC 2019 Barcelona, companies from Ericsson to the top mobile manufacturers like Samsung asked journalists and the attendees to show them why we all required a 5G network. Many numbers of answers include gaming, like VR, is streamed on a headset and a baseball app that allow anyone to bounce into the live actions games.

The main issue or you can say a disadvantage of those 5G demos handset does not really operate on 5G networks.

5G Network

More than 2 bright orange, geometric figures running towards me. I just hold my controller in my right arm hand and immediately pick up the virtual gun, without conscious thought or you can say automatically pressing the gun trigger to stop the enemy’s advance. After then, I pick up a bottle and other items to throw with a great force on them. I grip my hands, in order to strike a blow and punch the attackers as I try to save my life. But unfortunately, I can not able to survive till the end.

Yes, I am wearing the latest Vive Focus Plus cordless Virtual Reality headset by HTC and enjoying the amazing VR games. Which is itself a notable or you can say worthy. The Vive Focus Plus is only a standalone virtual reality (VR) headset by HTC and the unluckily, it is not available yet, anywhere. But what makes this demo even more playful or more enjoying, is that this game is being streamed in the headset on the 5G network. well, sort of.

Before the 5G network, we just have to download the whole game to the headset before playing but now, we can really stream anything we want to stream, immediately. At present moment, this is just a demo. Whenever the Five Focus Plus will arrive, the cloud streaming ability would not be possible anymore. But in the near future, we all are able to stream anything we want to stream like a high-resolution, VR content from the cloud to a Vive headset through an HTC 5G Hub mobile hotspot. And in near future, we will surely do not require any PC or unnecessary connecting cables. But what we, really require is a 5G network connection.

Here Mobile World Congress in 2019, however, it is only a fake 5G network. HTC’s 5G hub, which powers Vive Focus Plus, is actually connected via a physical high-speed connection cable.

“To get [genuine 5G] into our booth would be a ludicrous investment from us.” Vice president of product planning and go market in HTC, Nigel Newby-House said in one of his interview held in MWC 2019 that, “It’s difficult to get the spectrum needed for live 5G demos, and it’s expensive to install the technology in the convention center for a week.”

Just because of this reason, HTC is not the only one operating 5G demos required non-5G connectivity.

Ericsson had some demos on its huge booth, one of the best at Mobile World Congress 2019, that will surely operate on 5G networks, such as its mixed reality Batman vs. The Scarecrow game. But many others used physical wire or Wi-Fi connectivity to appear what possible 5G network application can be.

Like one time, I have tried, two players wear Microsoft HoloLens headset and carry a haptics-enabled pen in their hands, individually. And they must have to work together if they really want to move virtual puzzle pieces into their exact slots. Players can hear the digital pieces drop and also feel feedback via a vibrating pen because each user has to raise a side of the piece.

There is no problem if both players are sitting in one room only, because than lag is not a problem to discuss. As they can easily work together with no problems. But the main and the foremost problem comes when, one of the participants were in the US and another were in India, being able to work together and raise the same side of the piece at the same time would require 5G and its ultralow obstruction or stoppage before a transfer of data starts following instruction for its transfer is essential.

“We’ve been connecting people and a few things, and now [with 5G], everything will be connected,” said Julia Velasco, network deployment director at Vodafone, which provided the 5G link for the Barcelona hospital’s surgery. “Once everything is connected, then remote operations would be truly physical.”


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