A four-year girl nearly dies from swallowing pool water

A family who hails from Florida had experienced a horrifying incident when their 4-year-old daughter was admitted to hospital after accidentally swallowing the pool water.

Last month, Elianna Grace was enjoying swimming at her grandparent’s house which is located in Sarasota, Florida. The four-year-old girl is playing with a “pool noodle” with her family when she has swallowed the pool water. Elianna’s mother Lacey Grace wrote on Facebook “As many children do every day, she was blowing in one end and blowing water out the other. By 100 percent freak accident, Elianna put her mouth to blow out at the same time someone blew in the other end, causing the water to shoot directly down her throat.”

After the incident, the girl immediately vomited, and after about 30 minutes of the incident, the girl seems to be in the normal state as said by her family. But, next day she was down with fever and couple of days later Grace took her to the doctor. The doctor said the family to take her immediately to the nearest emergency room as her heart rate was very high and her oxygen level was low along with her skin turning purple which shows that she may have developed a chemical infection.

X-ray of the chest showed that the inflammation and infection have occurred in the body and she was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia which is otherwise known as “ dry drowning.”  Dry drowning usually happens when someone inhales water through their mouth or nose and then it gets into the lungs.

Usually, typical drowning deaths occur in pools, lakes or at beaches but dry drowning can occur after hours or days. This happens mostly in children when they inhale water inside. According to some medical experts, the symptoms of the dry drowning are trouble breathing, persistent coughing, fatigue, sleepiness, and vomiting.

Grace told WTSP, “Two doctors told me that, you know, thank God you brought her in because when her oxygen level was dropping in the hospital. She looked like she was sleeping, she looked like an angel, she didn’t look like she was struggling whatsoever.”

Elianna is now discharged from the hospital and getting recovered at her house, but Grace shares her views about dry drowning as she wants that every other parent should know about the danger of this and should get aware for the same.


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