OkCupid, User Account, Hackers, Security Breach, Privacy, Cyber Security
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It is quite bad that dating websites are a pothole of lies and unavoidable disappointment, they are also a passionate target for hackers.

As we all know, dating websites are not less than diamond mine for hackers as all dating websites contain the whole information about the users such as banks and hospitals, but as we know dating websites have become a major part in today’s life, for millions of millions of people and all these dating websites are in the view of hackers for a long period. And if you are thinking that hackers are not cracking or trying to hack the back-end database, like with the AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Zoosk breaches, then surely they are trying big or they are trying to break the front-end database with the help of leaked or guessed passwords.

That’s what looks like to be appearing with some OkCupid accounts.

OkCupid, User Account, Hackers, Security Breach, Privacy, Cyber Security
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One user reached to us, just after his OkCupid account was hacked. The user doesn’t want to mention his name, told that hacker just hacked his account and change his password also a hacker throw him out of his personal account and worst of all, they changed his email address on record, that restrict the user to reset his password.

The big mistake is of OkCupid that they did not send a confirmation message to the registered email address to change it. They just blindly change the email address. OkCupid replied that, Unluckily, we are not able to give or present any personal details about the accounts not connected to your email address, and then OkCupid’s customer service in answer to his complaint. After that, hackers began harassing him unknown text messages from his phone number that was raised from one of his secret and personal messages.

This is not a single case, as we have found many numbers of cases of people telling their OkCupid accounts had been hacked by the hackers.

OkCupid, User Account, Hackers, Security Breach, Privacy, Cyber Security
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In many of them, we have found and talked to one, who got his hacked account back. The user said that it is not easy to get back his account from hackers, as it was two days of constant damage control until the OkCupid team finally reset his password.

And another user we have talked tell that one person did not interrupt or bother, he said. Also, disabled user accounts can be re-enabled if a hacker logs in, some users found.

But many numbers of users do not know and can’t explain how their password in OkCupid got hacked as they have never ever used on any other apps or websites.

One of a spokesperson of OkCupid told that there has been no security breach at OkCupid, “Whole websites regularly encounter account takeover attempts. There has been no increase in account takeovers on OkCupid.”

Also, OkCupid posted on his own help page center, that users account takeover attempts regularly happen as someone has all information such as password and username. And if you set the same password to other websites or services, then there is more risk to be hacked or your accounts on all of them have the possibility to be carried over if one site has a security breach,” says the help page center.

It describes the technique of running a large list of credential stuffing, user name, and password against a website to watch if a combination lets the hackers in. The best and the most useful and helpful way to protect yourself against credential stuffing is for the users to set or use a unique password on each and every website. Companies such as OkCupid, another useful and helpful method to stop hackers is to use two-factor authentication but unfortunately, OkCupid does not have it.

OkCupid, User Account, Hackers, Security Breach, Privacy, Cyber Security
Image Source: Naked Security – Sophos

And after all this, OkCupid was asked that from now onwards how would you protect and stop accounts getting hacked in the future, one of the company spokespeople told that company had “no further comment.”

The most shocking part we came to know about OkCupid is that it was just one of many extreme dating sites such as Match, PlentyOfFish, Zoosk, Badoo, JDate, and eHarmony that did not use two-factor authentication at all.

If dating was not hard as much as required at the best of time, now you have to protect yourself from hackers, too.


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