Addiction for Marijuana is real, and it is now rising alarmingly: Health officials inform

Some medical experts have stated that marijuana addiction has always been there among people, and also argued that it is something people don’t know exists. Marijuana addiction is just like any other addiction, which consists of cravings, dependence, and withdrawal-like symptoms. Now, health specialists have informed that marijuana addiction is rising at full speed a lot of people use this several times in a day.

In some regions, like California, smoking marijuana has become a daily habit of people’s life. On the other side, the Californian law has legalized the marijuana practice in January this year. Some people are unaware of marijuana addiction. In the public health and medical communities, it is treated as a well-defined disorder. Some stated that increasing legalization of genetically engineered plants and consumption of concentrated products had boosted it.

David Smith, a physician stated that there should be no controversy about the fact of marijuana addiction. The doctors see such cases every day. The controversial matter hers is to know why it is affecting more people. While the number is still increasing, the federal government agencies and the marijuana industry stated the consumption rate of marijuana has remained constant. It seems that the condition in Northern California is quite severe as doctors stated that they had seen a surge in demand for help and it is more in adolescents group.

As per the report, the addiction rate of marijuana is relatively lower than cocaine and alcohol which have 15percent of addiction rate and heroin which addiction rate is 24 per cent. Till now, the health department has not received any death report connected with marijuana. The director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Nora Volkow informed that around 2.7 million American need the diagnostic for marijuana. The statistical report shows that among all marijuana users, around 9 per cent develop the addiction it.



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