Image Source:Miovision

Pedestrian crossing button is much irking as we all know while crossing the street, it is not the only thing but it is also useless as the user always complaining about it. The buttons are mostly irresponsive and clueless and also it can be enticing to refuse to obey the order of the users. A researcher from Austrian trying to find out a solution to this irritating problem by which the traffic light get to know your feelings of crossing the road. It is to be said the traffic signals equipped with the camera to determine the pedestrian want to cross the street.

The cameras can cover up to an area around 26 by 15 feet that intimate direct with the signal whenever it detects more than a person waiting for crossing the street in the right position, it sends the signal to the traffic light it is to be said by the Austrian Scientist that the response will 3 to 4 seconds faster than the buttons and better responsive. The signal will extend the green signal if the pedestrians are in a huge number. The signal also turns to red or remain red while pedestrians do not want to cross the road or if change their mind to cross the street.

It is all not enough the signal will also take appropriate care of your privacy as the team will is aware of it about the response and position of the pedestrians. It works only on geometric data. The signal also covers the individual person who is in the right position and connected completely. The things get to know still is that it is not only a report or project, but the company is also all set to build it in the place of button system in the area of Vienna in selected locations. It would take place by the end of 2020. We will have to wait for the signal that will work according to us without any delay.


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