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5G is all set to make itself enter in the selected places, the network is known as the next generation of network. It is assuming that the 5G network will give faster speed than the current network 4G also known as LTE. It is also expected that it gives a better connection and less interruption by that you can enjoy surfing, browsing, playing and downloading games, video, and music limitless or also with superior quality. The downloading speed in 5G is to be assumed around 1Gbps that is really really fast or it can be more.

Just imagine the speed of 5G 1Gbps is equal to 1000 Mbps, means you can download the entire movie in the 4K resolution just within a minute without interrupting or buffering. The ability of 5G is more than we think, as more it could run it could be the more modified comparison to LTE. It is also expected from 5G that the speed of the network will enough rapidly be growing that it can explore the newest things that we cannot do currently because of the slower mobile networks we have right now. So your excitement is worth for the 5G as it is really exciting to witness the faster speed.

So now the thing is that what is the 5G network and how it can be so fast then our current network. The basic and most important thing is that you have to enter in the 5G networks, and it is considered as the supreme hurdle in a way for would be 5G pioneers because there only a few are available currently. You can find that the US is currently running on 5G but only in fewer cities that including Chicago and Minneapolis, and the service is on in those cities which are dealing with all near elements.

By the end of the current year, it is to be said that more cities will be adopted the 5G networks and it is also presumed that the US will move to it is own the 5G network before getting too late, but currently, it also has limited source. The rumor that is widespread is proving true in the rest of the world in the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe will go live on 30th of May, Vodafone in July and Three later in the year. The situation of Australia in adopting the 5G network is almost similar to the US. Australia also has 5G networks in a few cities.

Something is looking weird that 5G networks are structuring 5G organization earlier with the phone that is compatible with 5G networks or services. For example, AT&T is providing 5G services in the fewer cities but the city doesn’t have any 5G device. If you are thinking how long will it take to getting your city 5G network facility then it entirely depends on the area in which you are living. If you are living in the major area of your state that you will get the service by the end of the year, but if your residential area is not coming to in the major city than you have to wait for a little longer. It is like more you ate apart from the major area longer you have to wait for the 5G services.

It is like all the service provider wouldn’t give the service of 5G at the same time if you want the change earlier than switching at another network might be a good option for you. According to a report that after some short-term problem the mobile network will eventually provide 5G services. All it takes is only sometimes.

The most important thing you need to enjoy or operate the 5G services is the smartphone that is compatible with 5G networks. Only then you can enjoy the ultimate speed of 1Gbps when you have a smartphone that can support the 5G networks. The announcement of the smartphones that can support 5G services has been started that includes Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 Thin Q, Oppo Reno 5G and ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G but along the announcement rumor also increased. But it also depends on the area that where you living currently like if you are living in the US you can get Moto Z3 with 5G Moto Mod, support. While if you are living in South Korea you can get a Samsung S 10. In the UK you can get the services of Mi Mix that is available in 5G.

But in Australia where the 5G is currently active in some cities, it does not have any 5G compatible phones. After the 5G plan is a mandatory thing to enjoy the entire service of 5G, because the phone with 5G support cannot do the entire things alone it needs the support of the 5G plans. But the thing is that we have to wait for the service provider to provide the facility of 5G networks. But it seems that it takes some time to for the service of 5G as you have to adopt an unlimited plan that cost $10 per month for the 5G coverage. So for the fast speed, you also have to spend more for the faster speed in your phone. So with the 5G phone, you also need the 5G network plans, but sadly it takes some time.

So if you get 5G service, 5G smartphones, and 5G plans after that you are completely ready to use the ultimate speed of 5G n your device and you can witness all the things that we mentioned above in the starting of this article. But with this truth, it is also mandatory that all the things have to in favor of 5G only than you can enjoy the speed of 5G. It seems it is like a dream of many especially for the people who are living in the remote area to have the 5G networks in their area. But we don’t have to wait for much longer for all the services. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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