Image Source: Pocket-lint

It is to be said that the upcoming iPhone is loaded with many remarkable features. The 2019 iPhone XI  is going to amaze everyone with its features. It is to be said that the new iPhone will pair with a Bluetooth device and alongside it can also connect with the TV for playing video content at the same time. It is to be predicted by a Japnese website Macotakara, that Apple is offering two Bluetooth audio ability in its upcoming device. Macotakara is the same website that predicted about removing of the headphone jack from iPhone.

It is also acknowledged in Apple Worldwide Developer Conference opens on Monday, that endeavor with the new and improved software for their upcoming device that includes iPhone, Apple TV, and the Apple Watch. However, it is assumed that there is no alteration and upgrading with the hardware. With the Dual Bluetooth technology, you can operate two devices at the same time, means you can watch shows, movies, and series at your phone but with separate Bluetooth device that is connected with the same device. The latest iPhone is also coming with the new improved camera and with longer battery life.

Now Apple is going to introduce an iPhone with a triple camera in a triangle formation. The camera is offering a telephoto lens along with a wide-angle lens that helps in taking wider shots. The front of the phone will similar to iPhone X series, the design and look is almost the same as X series with the edge to edge screen. The elimination of the Home Button will continue with the upcoming iPhone. It is also assumed that iPhone will introduce in series like its previous one XS released in the year 2018. It is also expected that the iPhone comes with more powerful battery life.

Image Source: Pocket-lint

Apple is also getting ready for the foldable device that Samsung has done with its upcoming device Galaxy Fold. It is assumed that Apple also follows the industry trend of Folding Screen Technology in upcoming years as Apple’s foldable patent has been approved a few days ago. However, it is still not disclosed that the new iPhone can support the 5G compatibility, but because of disagreement between Apple and Qualcomm, so Apple will adopt the 5G technology soon. More information will also reveal in the upcoming WWDC conference that is going to take place next week Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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