Amazon introduces Show Mode to the Fire HD Tablets

Amazon has announced a new discount for all of its prime members who will be shopping at the Whole Foods grocery stores. This was announced by the company after there is a huge hike in its membership which is about 20 percent and this announcement has added a new perk to its offers.

Amazon has said in a statement that it has already giving 10 percent discount on all items and it is cutting prices weekly on the products that are available in the store.  Amazon acquired the Whole Foods last year for an amount of $13.7 billion. Starting from today, it will take 10 percent off on Whole Foods, and it will also be receiving weekly deep discounts on best sellers.

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The exclusive deals are available at Florida stores, but it will expand to all US Whole Foods Market. They have about 460 stores nationwide, and as per vice-president of Amazon Prime, CemSibay said that they are offering 10 percent discount and it will be applied to hundreds of customers or more.

The analysts who are estimating the growth rate of the Amazon says that the discount comes after the rate are slowed down. In a statement by the company, they have revealed for the first time that they have over 100 million Prime members worldwide. Despite this, the analyst thinks that the Amazon wealth is saturated mainly at US households and the company should start exploring ideas for additional growth outside the US.

Amazon has already increased its annual price for the Prime membership for the second time in the last month. Executives of the company said that the hike in the price of the membership is due to the increase in the cost of delivering the program and the offerings. As per Mr Sibay, he said,“Prime consists of a bundle of benefits. So no one benefit drives a price increase.” The company also added a new option in which they offer in-car delivery for Prime members and also offers a Prime Book Box which delivers the children’s book at a discount price.

Amazon has made quick work of investing huge sums in the grocery chain. After the acquisition, the company started to slash the rates in Whole Foods stores. It is also offering special coupons to Prime members.


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