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Amazon has now launched the in-skill purchasing to all Alexa developers with Amazon Pay for skills facilities. This shows that the developers can now make money from Alexa-powered devices like Amazon’s Echo speakers.

Amazon is offering about 25,000 Alexa skills from the third-party developers but they are free, and this deprived the developers of making money from them. To get rid of that, the company is finally opening up the smart assistant so that it can sell one-time in-skill which will help in expanding skill capabilities.

The in-skill purchases usually work on in-app purchases for smartphone apps. When it is added to voice application which is Amazon calls, then these apps Alexa skills will ask customers to shop all suggestions that are offered. If the customer purchased something, then the customer can pay by voice by using the payment information which is now associated with the Amazon account.  The company is also said to be focusing on prime members so that they will get some benefits in this like they can get a discounted price or early access to that feature. 

The developers will control the content and its pricing which will be offered on Amazon, but the company will look all the purchasing flow. The company is also providing some self-serve tools to help developers to manage the in-skill purchases and to optimize the sales. Alexa device owner will be allowed to buy the available in-skill investments, but Amazon Prime members will get the best deal from the company.

The company is letting developers of Amazon add the options for the monetization of their skills. The new opportunities which are created for new skills for Alexa will not be Amazon’s first options to reward the developers. Amazon already announced the offers on Alexa Developer Rewards program which allows paying creator for their skills which will drive to some highest customer engagement. The company has previously opened in-skill purchases to many developers which include Sony, Tuneln and The Ellen Show.

Today’s launch is kicking off by Amazon along with some others offers like NBU’s SYFY WIRE which provides three additional weekly podcasts exclusive to Alexa, Volley Inc’s Yes Sire and Volley Inc’s Word of the Day.


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