Image Source: Times Now

The twitter account of Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachchan was hacked on Monday night. it is confronted that the account was hacked by Ayyildiz Tim, it is claimed that it is a Turkey-based hacker group. The hacker group replaced the display picture of the account with Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan with a caption “Love Pakistan” along with an emoji of Turkish Flag.

It is to be informed by the spokesperson of Mumbai police to PTI that the report has passed to Cyber unit and they started investigating the case. The cover photo of the account also deleted from the account and now showing the promo picture of the group with an eagle in flight.

The first tweet conveyed by the hacked account of Amitabh Bachchan was  “This is an important call to the whole world! We do condemn the irrespective behaviors of Iceland republic towards Turkish footballers. We speak softly but carry a big stick and inform you about the big Cyber attack here. As Ayyildiz Tim Turkish Cyber Army,” It was issued after the account was hacked around 11:40 PM on Monday. After some time another Tweet also issued that is followed by Muslim in India, it shared the link of its official Instagram page and tweeted  “We are waiting for your support.”

It is also to be informed by the Mumbai police to the cyber unit of BKC and Maharashtra they said: “We have informed our cyber unit and Maharashtra Cyber about the hacked Twitter account of Mr. Bachchan. They are investigating the matter. Further updates awaited,” asserted by Mumbai Police spokesperson Manjunath Singh DCP Mumbai Police.

It is not the first time that this type of incident happened by any actor. In the previous year, many tweeter accounts of many actor and politician were hacked. However, the profile of the actor has been restored but it shows that none of the accounts is in safe hands and can be attacked by the hackers anytime. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest Bollywood updates.



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