Asteroid, Earth

Asteroid whose name is given in 2010 WC9 was first detected on November 30, 2010, by the Catalina Sky Survey at the University of Arizona. This asteroid is said to be of a football field size and will pass close to Earth on Tuesday. After two weeks of its discovery, it becomes faint to see, and it was not monitored after that. On May 8, astronomers have spotted this asteroid, and a new name has been given to it, but after some time they release that it is the same 2010 WC9 asteroid.asteroid, earth

According to the EarthSky, said in a statement that, WC9 had finally been rediscovered last week and astronomers have given a new name, but after some time they realized that this giant rock is the same asteroid which was lost way back in 2010. The asteroid possesses no danger of hitting the Earth, and it will pass very close to Earth surface. It was easily spotted as it is coming with 0.53 lunar-distances from the planet and it will cross Earth and Moon on Tuesday.

As per astronomers, the asteroid will pass through Earth at an incredible speed which is about 28,000 miles per hour, and it will be between 60 and 130 meters. This asteroid is bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteor and is about 65 feet long.

If you want to watch this event live, then you need to go to the Northolt Branch Observatories in London. This event will not be seen with the naked eyes, and it will be only seen if you have the right equipment. The approach of the asteroid will start from 6:05 PM Eastern Time and the estimated window to watch this event is to see it is for only 25 minutes.

According to the Northolt Branch Observatory, it said in its Facebook page, “We have discussed the unusual object 2010 WC9 with EarthSky! Check out the link below for that, with more information about this asteroid, why it is special, and how you can see it yourself. If you want to watch the asteroid from your couch, you can do that, too: We plan to broadcast live from the telescope on the evening of May 14th (the day before closest approach), provided that weather allows it! We will share details about that on our Facebook page, on Monday.”


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