Egg, heart disease

In a new study, it suggests that the people who eat an egg every day might get the low risk of heart disease or stroke than the people who don’t eat eggs each day. This study says that egg eaters had an 18 percent low risk of dying from the cardiovascular disease.

The study which was done by taking about 461,213 adults who eat eggs and whose age is about 51 years on average. When they have joined the study, none of them had a history of heart disease. They said to have eaten almost half an egg daily and while about 9 percent of them avoided eggs and 13 percent had eaten one egg per day.

Egg, heart disease

When the egg eaters are compared with nonegg eaters, individuals who have eaten an average of 0.76 eggs per day were at 11 percent less risk to develop the cardiovascular diseases and about 18 percent are less likely to die from the conditions. As per Dr. Luc Djousse, who is the researcher at Havard Medical School in Boston, who is not the part of the study said, “This is important to people, especially those in the part of the world where eggs are major sources of high-quality proteins and other important nutrients for the body. The take-home message from this is that when consumed in moderation, there does not appear to be an elevated risk of developing heart disease or stroke.”

Heart disease whose other name is also a cardiovascular disease which includes heart failure, strokes, attacks, and arrhythmias. This can be caused due to the raised blood pressure which can carry too much weight or obesity. This is caused due to the unhealthy diet, smoking, physical inactivity and excess alcohol.

As per Canqing Yu, who is the co-author of the study and also an associate professor in the Peking University School of Public Health in Beijing, said that the eggs have high-quality protein and other important minerals. They also have high amounts of cholesterol which has thought to be harmful.

According to Dr. J. David Spence of the Western University Stroke Prevention and Atherosclerosis Research Center in London, Ontario said “Eggs are not safe for anyone at risk of heart attacks or strokes, but particularly not for people with diabetes. Eggs increase the risk of vascular disease.”


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