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The concept of hip-hop is not new to the society; rather it’s been there for decades. Earlier, Americans didn’t understand its value and had ignored it. Big mistake tough!

In today’s world, hip-hop music is earning more than $10 billion per year, and crossing all the hurdles, which is far beyond than your imagination. The musical roots are transforming towards a dominant industry, and increasingly becoming a lucrative lifestyle as well.

The hip-hop industry has always grown beyond the expectation, and in the present days, it is moving rapidly in the global markets. With the pace of time, it is becoming a key source for the music fraternity such as YouTube and Spotify. Both of these channels are now adding hip-hop features to increase the popularity as well as to attract influencers and listeners too.

Apple is certainly changing its decision and expecting to rule on the music industry too. As per the sources, Apple has now hired Ryan Newman who is the editor of BBC’s hip-hop as well as of grime-focused Radio 1Xtra, to make specific changes and to lure millions of audience. Isn’t it great guys?

Apple is known for its creativity and innovative ideas, and this time again, it has proved its best regarding music and decision.

Ryan Newman, recognized for his brilliant ides, will be responsible for implementing and creating the station’s strategy and will suggest some similar role for the demand streaming at Apple music.

Apple has also commented on this change and told that this is not new for the company to score from BBC. Austin Daboh has left the job to become the senior editor at the Spotify. However, Newman’s present job shows that how much hip-hop world is famous now. This new trend will show the viewers that what is trending and hot in the market.


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