Apollo, moon

In a recent finding, the scientist of Apollo has conducted the experiments on the Moon, and they have discovered the surface of the satellite buddy who is getting mysteriously warmer. This event was occurred in between 1971 and 1977, and the data that they have lost was from 1974. This strange warming phenomenon has already remained an enigma.

A team of researchers who are from Texas Tech University has found that the data which was lost had been now restored. The source for the warming was due to the presence of the humans, and this experiment was known as heat flow experiment, and it was specially designed to determine the rate at which the heat loss occurs from the Moon.

Astronauts who are from Apollo 15 and 17 had drilled holes, and the drill was done to the lunar surface. This is upto the depths which is spread up to 2.3 meters, and the probes have measured the temperatures at several depths in the holes. They are the only long-term experiments, and they are left in that place after the astronauts have departed from that place and come back to Earth.

The temperature of the surface and subsurface were usually monitored from the year 1971 to 1977, and this has done at Apollo site 15. At Apollo 17 site, the temperatures were generally monitored from the December 1972 to September 1977. This data was put on the tapes, and they have achieved at the US National Space Science Data Center. This has occurred until December 1974. The tapes are now continued to be made at this point, and they have never made it to the data center.

During the year 2010, The Texas Tech researchers have made a fantastic discovery in which they have found 440 lost tapes that are tucked away at the Washington National Records Center. These type of findings are now covered in the period, and they are from April to June 1975, and it usually represents less than 10 percent of all the tapes.  


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