Apple AirPods VS Samsung Galaxy Buds, which one is better, AirPods, Apple AirPods, AirPods Review, AirPods 2, Air Pods
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New Galaxy Buds launched by Samsung are giving tough, competition to Apple’s AirPods. As we can see Apple’s AirPods is one of the best fully wireless headphone. Galaxy Buds comes with a magnetic charging case, which will help you to give a supercharge on your go and seamless, functioning with Galaxy phones. Same as we feel when we use AirPods (in the US $159 and in Aus $229), the Samsung Galaxy Buds ($130 and in Aus $249) charges as per country. The cost of Samsung Galaxy Buds is little less than Apple AirPods but not in Australia.

But which one is better, does not depend only on the specifications. We have tested both AirPods and Galaxy Buds. We have come to know which one is best and we also help you to find your ideal buds.

Design – AirPods And Galaxy Buds

It is not easy to forget AirPods whenever they are swinging loosely from anyone ears. The buds get fit inside the ear but, the Q-tip-like cylinder sticks out down your earlobe. And AirPods are not available in different-different color, AirPods is only available in white color.

Apple AirPods VS Samsung Galaxy Buds, which one is better, AirPods, Apple AirPods, AirPods Review, AirPods 2, Air Pods
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If we talk about Galaxy Buds, it is a little bit bigger and stands out more than the AirPods, but Galaxy Buds are more comfortable and sit inside the ear, special thanks to various, curving sides that will really, help you out for a better fit. And luckily, Galaxy Buds are available in 3 colors, black, white and yellow.

If you talk about AirPods and Galaxy Bud’s comfort and fitness level, then surely it depends on the size and shape of your ear. But if we keep these factors side and then talk, we discover AirPods more comfortable than Galaxy Buds, particularly for extended wear, as they are very much light weighted. The style and look of Galaxy Buds are much better and much more delicate in someone’s ears. Both Apple AirPods and Galaxy Buds remain in a specified position while performing everyday activities such as workouts and while working, but we discover Galaxy Buds more secure, the main reason, behind we feel Galaxy Buds is, more secure is its better holding grip in the ears. The Apple AirPods give a feeling, that they will, fall out if someone touches up against them with their hands. And if you think they are water resistant then, my friend you are wrong, because none of them are full, water-resistant, but if we talk about Galaxy Buds then, I would like to tell you that they have IPX2 rating which indicates they will remain unaffected during heavy sweat sessions.

It definatly depends on you, that what, you are looking for, downside or upside. And if we talk about the environment noise than the Galaxy Buds have a stronger seal as compare to Apple AirPods, and Galaxy Buds prevent more environmental noise as compare to AirPods, even when someone is not playing music. The loose design of the Apple AirPods allow, environment noise to come into your ear, and the best part about this is, we do not have to take them out if we want to hear the conversation when you are not hearing music or anything else. Further, we have discussed the genuine sound quality in extra detail, above.

Apple AirPods VS Samsung Galaxy Buds, which one is better, AirPods, Apple AirPods, AirPods Review, AirPods 2, Air Pods
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Both Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds, magnetically fit into their own, cases to charge their battery. If we compare AirPods and Galaxy Pods cases then we, have come to know that Galaxy Buds have a little big case that looks same like a circular pillbox or contact lens case, and if we discuss AirPods, they have a smaller case that hints me of dental floss.

In the end, we have come to a result that, Samsung Galaxy Buds is the winner only if we talk about comfortability and if you talk about cases then AirPods have a much better, case than Galaxy Buds.

Features – AirPods And Galaxy Buds

The quickness of AirPods and Galaxy Buds in terms of automatic connection, both of them automatically connect with their respective companies devices as fast as you, open the case. The very first time you take your buds close to the phone, you just have to tap once, and it will automatically get connected and you should have, to get ready.

The connection feature is not much better with third-party devices or you can say, outside devices of their respective ecosystems, but the best part is that you can manually connect them with any device through Bluetooth settings on your phone, devices such as phone, tablets or laptops.

One time they get connected, both AirPods and Galaxy Buds will allow you control calls, music or inbuilt voice assistants like Siri or Bixby, on a single tap. You can easily customize the AirPods controls from the phone Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and you can also choose four different options such as play, pause and skip forward option, get back to the previous track or Siri, voice assistant.

You can easily customize Galaxy Buds when it is connected, with an Android device via a Galaxy Wear app. Galaxy Buds also provide similar controls as Apple’s AirPods gives, and it also provides an ability to adjust the volume from the buds only. You have the ability, to increase and decrease the surrounding noise and can change the quality of the sound, through the app.

One of the foremost drawbacks of Buds is if you accidentally lose one of these buds, you won’t be able to ping one of these buds if you are using them with an outside device.


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