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What if the most trusted brand that is also best known for keeping the privacy policy of its customer, what if they started violating their own rule. Recently three iTunes users are alleged on Apple that it is violating its privacy policy and revealing the information of their listening habits to the advertiser. According to the reports, the users belong from Rhode Island and Michigan who are suing Apple for violating privacy laws by giving information to advertisers. They are searching for the legal case, they have been said that “disregarded its responsibilities to these individuals” by disclosing privacy of the customer.

According to the legal action it is to be said that Apple is providing the listening information to the third parties. Along with this, it is also claimed that Apple allowing the developers into the iTunes libraries via the Media Player framework. It shows that the public is criticizing Apple for privacy policies alongside leaking the data of the user to the third parties. It is also figured out the because of disclosing the data the users getting uninvited JunkMail that is based on their listening data.

A Variation said that the third-parties collecting the information from a lot of sources that’s why iTunes user data get acquired from the records that are based on financial terms that are not linked straight up with the Apple. The document fed in Apple’s media played provide information to the third parties developers. It also provides permission to the developers to get access to music libraries, and they said they are not included in collecting the information of the user, they said “not permitted to use this framework to gather information about the user’s audio content, or to use such information for any purpose other than audio playback within your app.”

Image Source: Variety

The lawsuit has observed that Apple alleged for permitted developers to get complete access a few years back, and then plaintiffs said about Apple, that Apple is the developers are fetching the data of the user effortlessly bt getting access into iTunes. It is not good for the reputation for such a big brand. A trillion dollar company is allowing the third-party developers into the app and gathering the data of the users.

This also claims that contrast with Apple’s vocal pro-privacy posture. The lawsuit discloses before this year in which Apple claimed that “what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”. But plaintiffs have not found it true. According to them, the Online Media services conflicts the privacy laws. Earlier this Netflix also reconcile a law-suit has it also involved in violating the Video Privacy Protection Act. It is to be said, that the previous violation of privacy that alleged on Apple had been rectified by the Apple because the user failed to prove that they had been harmed by the violation. It is assumed that this time also Apple will manage to settle the claim alleged on it. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.



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