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A few days ago, Apple teased its new Business Manager Platform which is only for the enterprise users. Now, Apple has officially announced the launch of Business Manager Platform in the U.S. at Worldwide Developer Conference during a developer session. As per the report, after June 20 Apple Business Manager will be launched globally. It will be launched in around 34 countries. The sources also added that the Business Manager Platform would be further launched in another 31 countries along with Apple School Manager. Previously the Business Manager platform was in beta version, and only selected partners were using that.

The enterprise version of Apple School Manager, called Apple Business Manager platform is playing an important role and offering a web-based portal for IT managers. It helps them to manage Apple devices deployed in the workplace. As per the information was given by Apple, the new service has enabled streamline device enrollment, the ability to buy apps and books for Apple device and controls for assigning privileges and controls from a particular location.

As per the report, the 31 countries in which Apple will launch the Apple Business Manager software are Bulgaria, Estonia, Iceland, Bahrain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel, Latvia,Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Qatar, Romania, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Costa Rica, Ukraine, South Korea,Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay.

Apart from this, Apple has also informed that previously there was only app support in Canada and Germany but now book support will soon to Canada and Germany. EU countries like Belgium, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Netherland Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and Luxembourg will get features like volume purchase credit. Apple has also updated the support document on its official website. The support document carries instruction for businesses owners who want to update to Apple Business Manager from the device deployment programs. It also carries the Volume Purchase Program (VVP) and the Device Enrolment Program (DEP).

It seems that Apple is now trying to prove that it cares more about than the profits and has taken the philosophy to heart. For people their privacy is important, and Apple has maintained this.



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