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There is an update in App Store guidelines by Apple a few weeks ago. To set out clear rules and regulations for how the developers should appear in-app subscription alternatives to users. As per the information, little changes have been made till now, and it seems that Apple decided to remove a number of the confusion that comes with and while installing and downloading an app and signing up for a repeated subscription.

Image Source: iMore

The new rules and regulation by Apple can be seen in the Human Interface Guidelines and App Store documentation on auto-renewable subscription, and they also told the developers that they must clearly present the real prices users will have to pay up the total figure. The apps which are shown in an example below sticks to Apple’s guidelines that “the amount that will be billed must be the most prominent pricing element in the layout.”

As another option, promotional pricing, containing monthly and yearly saving, should be inducted less important. For Eg. Advertisement by Tinder, it only advertises its Gold and Plus subscription pack per month prices for its six- and 12-month subscription, but it needs users to pay up front for their subscription in full. Essentially for free trials, the developers must clearly show the price invoiced once the trails are over, as well as the renewal terms.

After that, it is all clear that how Apple demands app in the App Store to display the subscription options, now it is time to see how firmly Apple will implement its own guidelines. And as we know that Apple App Store is much strictly managed then Google Play Store, Malware and malicious app which trick users to make the app purchases have managed to move into the marketplace before.

But still, the Google Play Store allows users to cancel the app subscription very easily, which is way bigger than we expect in App Store. Presently, only a few numbers of apps give the option to cancel subscriptions through an option hidden under within the Settings —> iTunes & App Store —> Apple ID —> Subscriptions. And presently there are clear guidelines by the company that how can companies sell subscriptions to users. As per the information we get to know that Apple is now thinking to add an option to cancel the subscription within the apps itself.


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