Apple came from its 1 place down to 17 Place In Most Innovative Company List
Image Source: Fast Company

As it was published by the Fast Company magazine‘ annual list that Apple has got the 17th place for its improvement and new invention in its chip design. With the help of explainer A12 bionic system-on-chip simultaneously indicates interpreter, in which there are more than 6.9 billion transistors in a distinctive package optimized for dynamic processing of AI (Artificial Intelligence), expanded truth and photography work.

As it was clearly written by Harry McCracken, the Technology writer at Fast Company. “One of the favorite and most popular product of Apple in 2018, was not a phone or a tablet, but a chip: the A12 Bionic,” “At a time when this left over and tougher than ever to induce consumers to upgrade, as explained by Apple’s surprise January move to decrease revenue supervision on fewer iPhone sales, the innovative chip configuration ranks the company to create a whole new generation of irresistible experiences.”

Standard carries out Apple’s claims, in which it is clearly showing the extent which is a clearly noticeable performance that is comparable to competitor’s desktop CPUs.

In the ranking of Fast Company, are established corporations with The Walt Disney Company, the National Basketball Association, and Target is ranked above the Apple, which is recognized for dealing in the streaming business respectively, creating an esports league and creating lucrative in-house brands is done. Companies based on technology such as Alibaba, Square, Twitch, Shopify, AnchorFree, and Peloton also defeated iPhone maker in the place of ranking in Fast Company magazine’s list.

The first and second place winner in the Fast Company magazine’s list are China’s Meituan Dianping and Singapore-based Grab, also know as “transactional super apps” as both the companies have reached millions of customers in a very short period of time. Why did these two companies made such big cap money it can only be done through a huge collection of lifestyle products and services.


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