Apple, law enforcement

In a new statement, the company has included a new feature which is known as USB Restricted Mode and in the future update of iOS software, and it runs on iPhones and iPads.  Apple now set out to make it much harder for the law enforcement agencies to gain access to the information on iPhones.

This new feature has disables the data transfer through the Lightning port in one hour which is after the phone and it was last locked, and it prevents the popular third-party hacking tools which are used by the law enforcement from accessing the device, and the port can still be used for charging.

Apple said in a statement that they are now constantly strengthening the security protections in every Apple Product to help the customers who defend against the hackers and they help in identifying the thieves and the intrusions who are into the personal data. The company has got the greatest respect for the law enforcement, but they don’t design the security improvements to frustrate the efforts to do the jobs.

This update is said to be reigniting the tensions between the Apple and US government, and it wants that the technology companies to include the backdoors which are official ways to get around the encryption and the security measures on the devices. The companies include Apple who has objected to this type of requests.

As per the New York Times and Reuters, they have first reported that Apple had already confirmed the new feature and as per Vice Motherboard it reported earlier the Apple was now testing the change. When a law enforcement agency wants to gain access to an iPhone, then there are limited options for it and it even with a warrant. The data which was present in the device is said to be encrypted, and it cannot get back without the cooperation of Apple or owner of the Phone.


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