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iPod is like a fantasy for the children and teenagers, and the person who had one always gather the attention of others. iPod is the name by which we can recollect all the memories of listening to music. It was really a premium device that has taken a special corner in our memories. The iPod was first introduced in 2015, after so many years the tech-giant again made an announcement of the new iPod on Tuesday. It is almost four years after the innovation is going to take place again.

According to the report, the upcoming iPod runs on A10 Fusion Chip, it is the same chip that is using an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus model. We can imagine how fast the iPod will with the ultimate chip. As the performance of iPhone 7 still can beat many smartphones. It is also said by Greg Joswiak says about the device ” twice as fast as before”. The device is announced that it comes in the three variants of internal memories that include 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB models. As always the price is different for different memories, the price starts at $199 for the 32GB variant, $299 for 128GB variant, and $399 for 256 GB variant.

It is a little sad that the iPod does not support the TouchID and FaceID, but the great thing is that most lovable 3.5mm headphone jack is coming with the iPod. The screen size of the iPod is around 4 inch used in the previous generation iPhones. It is to be said that now because of one of the fastest chip of the Apple is inbuilt in the iPod by that it can able to support the Group Facetime calls and expand the reality apps. The iPod will be available in seven colors that light up your mood instantly. Along with this Apple also providing storage of 256 GB that considered as the biggest storage capacity that have ever used by Apple in an iPod.

But the question is emerging that why Apple is bothering this all. It is expected that all the answers depend on the final status of the company. We all know about the four-figure price tags of the iPhones that cause a decrease in sales in the market. Apple is generating great revenue with its popular apps, Apple News, and Apple Music that considered as the most secure sector of Apple in terms of revenue and growth.

But as it seems that the iPod is a great treat for the children or adults as well as the iPod has all the potential of smartphones that do not need to make calls on it. Apple is offering its complete service on the iPod that includes Apple buffs with its inbuilt music, video, and news. The Apple gaming subscription is known as Apple Arcade is also going to release and, iPod users can enjoy that. The iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle discontinued by Apple in 2017 while iPod classic with its white spin-wheel, which ended by the company in 2014. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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