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Apple faces a lawsuit for FAceTime bug and it is the first lawsuit over the FaceTime bug. As per the information, a Houston, Texas-situated lawyer has institute legal proceedings against Apple, by saying that with the help of FaceTime bug anyone can listen to personal, private talk without his permission and the main drawback is that  an unknown person or you can say that the person who wants to listen to your personal chat to destroy you can easily hear your personal conversation.

The lawyer has institute legal proceedings against Apple, in the state of Houston, by saying that the FaceTime bug help peoples who want to listen to the private conversation or you can say communication of others without their permission. And in several numbers of jurisdiction, it is illegal.

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As Attorney Larry Williams II tells that a sudden trouble on the privacy of “one’s most intimate conversations without consent,” as per the complaint lawyer filed in the state court of Houston. As he told that he was monitored on while taking sworn data during a client deposition.

Williams is exploring extremely costs on claims of product liability, negligence, warranty breach, and distortion. And in the coming time, we know that many more lawsuits have to face by Apple over the FaceTime bug, but this is the first lawsuit.

As reported by the news that Apple was already alerted to this FaceTime bug a few months ago, but it didn’t respond to it or you can say it does not spread around the world till yesterday. Essentially, the FaceTime bug allows everyone to secretly hear the voice of another person with knowing them or you can say an unknown person can hear the person voice before he answers the phone call. Since this bug was spread everywhere, Apple has momentarily taken off Group FaceTime and guaranteed that a fix is coming soon this week.

Apple did not make any comment on the allegations made in the lawsuit, nor did it give close insights to fully release it for the FaceTime bug.

How To Avoid FaceTime Bug And How To Be Safe From FaceTime Bug

A newly found privacy bug in FaceTime in Apple’s software allows users to listen and see the person, without the recipient and even if he does not answer the phone call

A sudden effect on iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.1 or above and Apple PC are running MacOS scripts with the recently added group FaceTime feature.

Apple has now declared that they are taking off FaceTime feature for some time, for all the users, but this bug will also effect one-on-one FaceTime calls. And also told that they are working on FaceTime bug and in coming weeks, FaceTime bug will be no more.

Step: To turn off FaceTime in iPhone

  1. In your iPhone or iPod open the settings
  2. Below down, you will see an option named FaceTime
  3. Press off the button of green color at the top of the appeared screen


Step: To turn off in the Mac

  1. In your, Mac open the settings
  2. On the top of the screen, you will see an option named FaceTime
  3. Press off the button at the top of the appeared screen


When the bug is activated, the person who started the call is able to hear live audio on the other person’s phone, but the screen does not indicate that their conversation is being broadcasted. In some cases, a bug can also show another person’s live video if they press the volume button to dismiss the call.

With the help of a bug, any person who is calling can listen to the sound or conversation live which is going on the other person’s phone, but in the user phone, there will be an indication that his conversation is being broadcasted. In other cases of bug, it also shows the video of the other person if they did not answer the phone or reject the incoming call.

The main drawback of this bug is, it allows you to call any person with the help of FaceTime, and instantly hear the voice coming from other person’s phone and not only when he accepts your call even he reject or do nothing to incoming call. As per the Apple report, this bug will be discussed in a software update “after a few weeks.” After all, this happens Apple take down its FaceTime to make changes and to fix the bug.


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