Apple, iPhone, iPhone 11, USB-C port, Lightning port
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A few months ago, as per the information, Apple is going to do with iPhone 11 that you would don’t believe. As Apple is thinking to replace the Lightning port with a USB-C port, just the same as it did with the iPad Pro last year and really like the ports discovered on every Apple’s MacBook these times. And that thought by Apple is appreciated everywhere as it also sounds good. The process of being united of Apple’s product lines something many of us have been expecting for a long time, but you can say unluckily or unfortunately as per the new report comes, it tells that Apple iPhone 11 will use Lightning port rather than USB-C port that has been in use since 2012.

Apple, iPhone, iPhone 11, USB-C port, Lightning port
Image Source: MacRumors

As we know USB-C not only provide fast wired charging but as well as solve and fix the dongle issues that you might face whenever you connect an iPhone to the latest MacBook or simply about anything different. But as per the given report and rumors, the iPhone coming in 2019 will feature Lightning connectors just like the previous iPhones. Additionally, these iPhone’s will come up with the same 5W USB-A charger in the box, which directly indicating that you have to purchase another charger to take advantage of the iPhone’s fast charging technology. All the latest iPhone box will come up with the slow charger even having support for quick wired charging speeds.

Till now Apple not made any changes to iPhone 11 when it comes to ports, and will provide a default charger to cut costs. By using the same Lightning ports and included accessories, Apple prefers to save money since it won’t be forced to develop other accessories. If Apple uses USB-C port instead of the Lightning port, then they must have to provide USB-C EarPods in the iPhone box. At the top center, it was given that USB-C port supports significant fast charging speeds, Apple would be expected to put 18W USB-C that comes with the iPad Pro in the iPhone box as well.

If we take a look on another side, it’s just a rumor at this present time. As Apple will announce it’s iPhone at the end of 2019 in September. It is the real time when we actually get to know about the right and correct information of the USB-C port or Lightning port.

What Customer Require Lightning Port Or USB-C Port

In one of the survey, we asked our reader that what they prefer to choose the Lightning port or USB-C port. You will get shocked to know that more than 74% of users chosen the USB-C port over Lightning port.


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