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Nothing is quite as causing one to lose courage as knowing that the things we do on our phones are not private and still if we daily reminded that nothing is really sacred. On this past Wednesday, an investigation and study reported that iPhone apps using analytics companies known as Glassbox are not only recording the minutiae of how you use those apps but also exposing small-small details.

As per the research and study, we will come to know that various numbers of iOS apps are privately negotiating users data and information about specifically what users are doing using Glassbox’s “session replay” technology. iOS apps such as, Expedia, and Abercrombie & Fitch privately negotiated users’ data.

Apple, iOS, Glassbox, Apps,iOS app, iPhone
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This permits developers to scrape for possible issues that users are experiencing in iOS apps by recording what the user is visiting on a very small-small level, the report also indicates that the user’s data and the information is not secured, it is at high risk of being acquired by dangerous participants if important information included in session replays is not completely hide.

We have to thank App Analyst as he raises the issue, who has uploaded that Screenshots captured by Air Canada, which uses Glassbox for analytics, apps were also saving passwords and other important, private information and data while failing to properly redact the data.

What the report has to say, Every app was not leaking masked data; none of the apps we tested said they were recording a user’s screen — make alone sending them behind to individual companies or directly to Glassbox’s cloud.

Such an issue can be a problem if anyone of Glassbox’s customers isn’t properly masking data, he said in an email. ‘After all this data is often sent back to Glassbox servers I wouldn’t be shocked if they have already had instances of them capture sensitive banking information and passwords.’


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