iPhone Apps

A new roundup has occurred on Wednesday for the best iPhone and iPad apps which are on sale for free for a day. Apple has listed about eight apps that will be put on sale for free, but this offer will be for a limited time.

The first app that was put on sale by Apple is Deep Terror. The cost of this app is usually $1.99, but you can avail this app as free for the time being. Deep Terror is the invocation book which helps you to the core of the human horror. To get there, you must go to different landscapes, solving enigmatic puzzles which allow you to confront them who will be giving you knowledge about the need to make the final invocation.

The next iOS app is Scanner App, and this app normally costs $2.99. This app help to scan everything clear and in sharp image or PDF. With the help of this app, you can rapidly scan the documents, convert the documents to PDF format and can send them an email or print and can also help in saving the same to the cloud.  The app comes with a powerful and easily operated interface and can be used in adjusting the brightness, rotation, and color with just one click on one page.

The next app is BusyBox, and the cost of this app is just $0.99. This app is said to be getting used by over 15, 0000 people to track their time. BusyBox helps you in tacking the time that you spend on your daily activities. The app visualizes your daily activities, track the total time you have given to each activity, helps in losing notes about your tasks, export your data and can send data via email.

The next app is converting PRO, and the usual cost of the app is $1.99. It is the fastest way to convert the units, and millions of users use it. It was developed to be fast, easy to use, accurate, and lightweight. It also offers solutions like conversion feature with the new currency.

The next app is Passport Photo Free which cost $0.99 and it helps you in bringing the biggest collection of photo effects and filters. You can create your design photos with this amazing photo design app. The other apps that are available for free are WeCard&business card scanner, Mileage Log+ Trip Log Tracker, Kids Monster Creator.


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