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It seems like the $129 Smart Battery Case for the flagship phone of this year will suit previous year’s flagship, iPhone X, after all. Yesterday, it appeared like Apple was leaving out its most dedicated customers in the cold when the company had announced the new battery case for the iPhone X, XS Max, and XR, but not for the iPhone X, the 2017 model mostly fits in the Smart Battery Case.

On the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Product Page, Apple only specifically mentions that this case is compatible with XS, which does not have any reference to the iPhone X.

image source: Macworld

The worse part is that the iPhone X and iPhone XS are exactly the same size and shape, but Apple tells that iPhone XS case would not be compatible with iPhone X and even Apple mentioned this on its official support page.

Chief-editor of iMore Mr Rene Ritchie tells that the iPhone XS battery case is not compatible with iPhone X and he even twitted that it didn’t work, including a photo displaying an error indicating ‘This accessory is not supported by this device.’

But Now iMore chief-editor Mr Rene Ritchie has declared that the iPhone XS battery case not only fit with iPhone X but it is charging the last year flagship, iPhone X normally.

If your friends or family tell you something different, then you want to note that Ritchie was the one who originally spread the word that the case does not work with the iPhone X. After that, he has removed his original tweet, but it is possible that some wrong information can still be circulated on the web and social media.

It is not only done by Ritchie, unless: As per the report by MacRumors forums user beerfish89 that the case is working in a fine manner with its iPhone X as well.

And although UniteNewsDesk has not yet received the iPhone XS version of the battery case, we found that the iPhone XS Max version will also charge the iPhone X. This is clearly a very loose fit, though.

However, the system looks like a hassle and the fact is that the iPhone X is quite different from the iPhone XS, which you have to deal with cutouts for speakers and Mike who does not line up neatly. (In particular, I have not seen any complaints about the hole for the camera, which was a general problem when the iPhone XS buyers were trying to use their old iPhone X cases with the new unit for the first time.) Speakers will not be too high. There is a problem for most users, but I am not sure how much mic affects the call and Siri performance.

The answer is yes, as it is particularly safe to buy an iPhone XS battery case for your iPhone X. You just have to stay with random error messages and some cutouts, which do not align, but if you can fill your stomach, then you will have a case that both has a higher battery capacity and even slightly better than the odd looks like Apple released last year. I believe that I am little worried that Apple can issue a patch that cuts the compatibility for the real, but it seems like a terrible PR disaster expecting to happen.

But if your expectations were low and you were hoping that the case would look at the iPhone at least $ 1,000 last year, then it seems that this is true.


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