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Apple is launching its iOS 13 and iOS 13 can make a huge change in the report of iPhone sales. As per the January, February, and March report tells that there is a huge fall down in the sale of iPhone and it is a huge downfall in the revenue estimates by billions of dollars. And as we know that Apple is not selling many iPhones as compared to previous years. And now Apple is introducing iOS 13 which will increase the enthusiasm in Apple users and this is very much needed right now.

As per the report or you can say rumors some of the main and the most awaited features were reported paused to 2019 to mainly focus on the stability of iOS12 in 2018. Thus the time has come for great User Interface (UI) and App redesigns.

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iOS 13 is in that stage where new features are regular coming. Many numbers of features we have listened have been left on the cutting floor of the room one year ago. We have described those features already.

As everyone is predicting new features in iOS 13. We have also predicted some of the most useful features of iOS 13 and also discussed the latest thoughts that Apple could include in near future software update and it must be included because some of the features are most awaited.

At the beginning of June, you will know everything you need to know about iOS 13 under the leadership of Apple WWDC 2019.

iOS 13 Launch Date

  1. Estimated WWDC 2019 – 3.June, Monday
  2. iOS 13 developer beta designated for paid Apple Developers or Users – In Beginning of June
  3. iOS 13 Global beta may release for adventurous testers – End of June
  4. iOS 13 hopefully launch with new 2019 iPhones – At the beginning of September

iOS 13 release date can be of 3 June, Monday could be the official WWDC 2019 date and this date is not specified or officially announced by the Apple. It is like last year on Monday, June 4, 2018, and the year ere it was Monday, June 5, 2017. We can clearly see Monday on every WWDC, so you can also say it could be a trend.

iOS 13 Developer Beta Version: As we know that first ever beta version always release after a few days of WWDC. So iOS 13 also likely to arrive after a few days of WWDC 2019, But it’s going to be banned from paid Apple developers. If you ask me I would suggest you that you should always wait for the public beta version UI, which far better and stable than bets version.

iOS 13 Public Beta Version UI: Apple introduces public beta version UI for testing purpose only because Apple test its UI on the large scale and it will take place in the end of June. 2019. You can also say that it more than a beta version or in simple words, you can say a more processed version of the iOS developer beta version, and we know that iOS public beta does not include all features. All features will be included in the final version of the software.

Officially Released iOS 13: Apple will introduce its latest iOS 13 software in the final, stable version at the iPhone launch event.

iOS 13 Supported iPhones And Compatibility

iOS 13 will be supported in iPhone5s, the primary iPhone with a chipset of 64 bit inbuilt. There are 6 versions of iOS,  as have the iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

The iOS 13 can come back from the Apple Compatibility List to return to the oldest devices like it used to do prior in 2018. The oldest devices in the list of iOS 13 are iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod Touch sixth generation.

Apple will need A8 chipsets or newer devices to upgrade to iOS 13. This already appears to be the chipset in the HomePod and Apple Smart TV Fourth Gen., that will make everything within the position. Apple will get the best benefits from this iOS 13 software update. Because now you have to upgrade your device which will indirectly help Apple.

Do not demand Apple to declare the official announcement at WWDC 2019 if the iPhone 5s is not supported with iOS 13. The phone will only appear on one slide, or it will not be shown. Also, remember that each iOS 13 feature will not come across all devices in that list. Some new concepts may be expected such as the TrueDepth camera, a rear dual-lens system, or a 3D touch.


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