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After confirming with a local Russian law that needs technology companies to keep users iCloud data on servers within the state, as per the new contents show that Apple saves or you can say keep users include data on a local Russian server. And the shocking part is that data contains some serious information about the users such as address, email, full name, phone number, Apple told that much more data is kept locally from their Russian employees.

Particularly, users do not save or keep data locally, such as messages, photos, contacts, and documents, as Russian Apple employee data carry passport info, passport numbers, present income, income history, and full address reports.

Apple, iCloud, Apple Store, Russian Server, China, Spy, Facebook
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Act in accordance with such law or you can say command is not unusual for Apple, as the company is going through critical observation last year in cooperation with a similar law in China.

After an interview with Vice last year, Tim Cook, CEO of the company protected against these moves by saying, “We have servers located in several numbers of different countries in the world. As it is not easy at its look. It is easier to get data from being in one country versus the next. The important key question is how does the encryption process work and who owns the keys if anyone? Several numbers of cases for us, you and the receiver own the keys.”

Later that, he said that ” manner in which we continue into product design is we challenge ourselves to collect as little as possible. Company test ourselves to make it not identifiable. We don’t read your email, your messages. You are not our product. It’s not the business we’re in.”

Apple, iCloud, Apple Store, Russian Server, China, Spy, Facebook
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In the end, the company is promoting its end to end encryption process as the several crucial or you can say the important key to Apple’s privacy model, expecting to release doubters who fear government information about someone personal on what’s supposedly private information.

Many numbers of users are saying that Apple should protest or you can say fight against the law. And as per the information, the company warned and give threatened to close down Facebook completely if they declined to comply with 2017.

In October 2018, it was the last time when both China and Russia joined in the headlines over privacy, when a New York Times statement described how President Trump’s iPhone was being tapped by the two countries frequently.

Russia’s local data law practiced effect in 2015, but its government recently started implementing it more rigorously. Communications overseer Roskomnadzor started “administrative proceedings” against Facebook and Twitter in January to fail to present definite views or ideas to store the data of its Russian users within the nation.


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