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Apple is much popular and a company that is especially known to hold its customer long with them. It is considered as the unique potential of Apple. The company is also famous for its iPhones and as we all know people are crazy for the iPhones. Everyone wish to have one nowadays. But now its smartphone mechanism is not slashing the competition of smartphone like it did in the past few years. After the smartphone market has been changed a lot, there was a time when iPhones are dominating the market.

But now, many creators present in the market and all are running with their unique selling proposition. As Google pixel range has surpassed comfortably the features of the camera and Artificial intelligence as well of Apple. It is getting difficult to prove how the followers of Apple still are the company’s premium customers. It is getting more complicated to justify when a manufacturer like OnePlus rapidly decreasing its top-most devices. At that time also to stand with a company selling highly priced device almost with the same features in it. But with this, we cannot neglect the flagship and premium feel of the Apple that attached with the Apple device permanently and delivers to its customer that made them loyal.

There is a piece of news currently in the smartphone market taking place is that the successor of the famous iPhone XR, XR 2 is about to come in the market. It is also assumed that the device will do exactly the same as iPhone XR did in the market. iPhone XR aimlessly overtook the sale compared to other iPhones in the previous year. But the important thing is that what Apple going to upgrade with the iPhone XR 2 to beat off the competition in the market.

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It is a big question and it will always that does Apple ever compromise with its price range? If we talk about Google ‘s Pixel 3A XL starting its price with $479 on another hand iPhone XR with the lowest internal memory price starts at $749. It is a massive difference between the price range of both devices. It is for sure most people will choose Google 3A XL as they can save they are saving $270 with their choice and it is almost with the complete feature, processor, and camera that cooperate with you in day to day task.

But the thing is also that Apple surpassed Google over one thing and the thing is Apple’s wireless headphone that is working in a proper way. Apple gets success in its wireless headphone known as AirPods and Google also tried that with its Pixel Buds. We have to wait to see that Apple is providing its AirPods with the iPhone XR 2 or the customers have to deal with it separately. However, it will be a great surprise for the customers if they get a new pair of EarPods with the box of their new iPhone XR 2.

It is not clear still that the iPhone XR 2 will be a competition for the Pixel 3A and in the camera concept as it is not a secret how Google has improved its camera and features with Pixel 3A. But Google Pixel and Pixel 3A are not having enough specified quality that gives the opportunity to Apple as it is superior in that quality the terms including speed and design. We all are aware of the premium look and the one of the fascinating logo of Apple, that is capable to gather the attention of most everyone no matter where you are.

With both the devices of Google Pixel a tussle in the performance has noticed. But 3A emerges as a better performer than Pixel 3 because its specifications are less demanding, but the performance of 3A is also dull when it comes to performing day to day task. The performance of the iPhone XR is also slow as it has one GB less RAM than iPhone XS, so, the XR strained whenever perform a massive task. It is expected that Apple will keep in mind the speed performance of XR successor iPhone XR 2.

iPhone XR is far better than the Pixel when it comes to looks and designs. Pixel is running behind from many in terms of its design and look or we can simply say aesthetics. It is expected that Apple does the same with the iPhone XR 2, Apple has a series of skill and cares that also work in the thickness of the device. The company made the device heavier to give a long battery life to the user. As previous Apple devices do not do well with their battery life as they have low mAh batteries till iPhone 6s. But now things have changed as the company is giving more powerful batteries to the users but that also made the device heavier.

The three factors that are noticed first by the customer is its Price, Camera, and battery. It three are the prime factor the like and dislike of most customers are depending on these three basic things. Apple can become a wallet opener by the expense of Apple’s strict design principles. The manufacturers have to keep these things in mind that what the exactly major need of the user is according to that the manufacturer builds its USP. The strategy should be like that it proves itself beneficial for both the company and for the consumer as well.

We all are aware of the many smartphones in the market in which some are fast, some are fascinating, while some have everything but the price are quite high that some consumers can’t even think to buy it. But some companies like OnePlus are trying their best to delivering the best devices at a reasonable price. And there is Apple also who does not have fans they have devotee does not matter what the price or device seems outdated they have a clear choice. In between, there are many companies like Google that have many things but also lacks in somethings still. The game of updates and unique specification will continue and the manufacturers never fail to amaze us.



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