Apple Store Again Robbed BY Same Gang In Santa Rosa Plaza Mall

In another continued order of similar thefts in California, a few men rushed into an Apple store in Santa Rosa, California, on Sunday and stole assets more than $10,000 from show tables before running off. But this time, an eyewitness recorded both the robbery itself and one of the suspects being wrestled to the ground by security guards and the public around the store.

Police have confined one individual suspected of stealing Assets on Sunday evening from the Santa Clause Rosa Court Apple store, which merely a month ago was hit by a gang of thieves. The suspect, who hasn’t been identified, is admitted to have acted with some other people, said Santa Clause Rosa Police Sgt. Kyle Philp. Philp said that the Police Department property crimes unit currently investigates a robbery.

“We are asking for a list of all assets which are stolen from the Apple store,” he said.

Hooded thieves caught on observation video camera more than $35,000 os asset from the same-store on Aug. 29 while employees in the Apple store and customer stood up. Philp said police are working mainly on a suspected video of the armed robbery. Police said in a news report that shortly after 1 p.m. Sunday “a few gangsters or you could say thieves entered the Apple Store at the Santa Clause Rosa Plaza mall and grab the asset and run.”

The dad of an Apple Store worker, who asked his name because he would not like to risk her daughter job, said he is worried about her daughter because of a repeated robbery at the same Apple store.

Two of the suspects, Tarell Armstrong, 26, and Joshua Green, 27, both of Oakland, were arrested that day after police said they fled into a Petaluma neighbourhood following a short, high-speed pursuit down McDowell Boulevard. But the third person did not get into hands from police


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