Apple, AirPort

Apple Insider claims that the Apple’s AirPort base stations are moving towards the end. The AirPort which was launched in 1999 had demonstrated that it the wireless networking technology on this machine by passing a tangerine iBook through a hula hoop which confirms that it has “no wires” in it.

This technology was not of Apple, but it was reworked 802.11b Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card which comes with the antenna protrusion lopped off with the similar card carrier which is present at the AirPort Base Station. The original base stations were prone to overheating issues. In just two years, Apple refreshed the entire Mac product line and had updated the ability to add an 11 Mbit Wi-Fi card. The price of the base station was $299, and the AirPort card selling was $99.

Apple rolled out AirPort Extreme technology with 802.11g speeds and the design of its own. The technology helps in increasing the speed upto 54 Mbps. The Airport Express comes to the market during the year 2004, and it has an audio jack which allows users to stream music speakers which are connected to the device wirelessly.

Apple has rolled out two new technology which is close to one another, and that is iMac and 802.11b Wi-Fi on MacBook. This wireless networking is not for only enterprises, and the high-speed device communication is also for the houses. Apple makes sure that the technology worked smoothly with the AirPort routers and the company make sure that the iTunes downloads will not fail because of the router blocking another router.

During the year 2016, rumours started to build up that Apple’s AirPort Engineering team had been transferred to other departments. Despite this, the discontinuation of the product had not yet happened which lead to the speculation about the product been still alive in the company. This speculation is for short time as the company issued a circulation about the dissolution of the department.

The formal announcement of the cancellation was announced after the product stock levels become low. Revenue that was generated by the AirPort was not enough for the company, but Apple has now focused more on Linksys Velop instead. The customers can now buy the Velop at the Apple store. The AirPort is now going to get stopped by the company, but it may come back to the market in some other form shortly.


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