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The headset is said to be the biggest sign of Apple’s interest in the virtual reality world. This headset will be straddled with two technologies and will have Apple’s chips. The headset is scheduled for the 2020 launch.

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has praised the augmented reality by saying that the technology has got the potential as important as of that of iPhone. This shows that the company has some big plans for the virtual reality world shortly.

Presently, the company is working on a headset which is capable of running both AR and VR technology, as the information comes from a source. The plan that the company has made for the future is for an 8K display for each eye, and it will be the highest resolution than today’s best TVs, computer or smartphone.

The project which is named as T288 is in the early stages and it is meant to get released in the year 2020. As it is in the early stage so it is also possible that this plan can get scrapped or change the company.  The company is now working on a headset which combines both AR and VR, and the company is doing the intense focus to push this to the iPhones and iPads. Cook said he sees the possibilities of AR in place of VR. These two technologies are vital for the Apple to expand beyond its iPhones, and it is currently is a top moneymaker and slowing the mobile market.

The Cupertino, Calfornia, has involved in smaller VR projects, but the headsets are said to be the major investment in VR. VR which is termed as the hot in the tech world has failed to resonate with the consumers in spite of the heavy investments from the giants like Facebook’s Oculus, Google, and Samsung.

According to a report of CCS Insight, consumers are estimated to buy about 22 million VR and AR headsets and glasses this year. In the year 2022, the number will have soar to 120 million units, and the market will be worth of nearly $10 billion.

Last year, at WWDC developer conference held in June, Apple unveiled ARKit to develop the reality apps for the iPhones and iPads. The company is also working with the Valve to bring the Steam VR platform to the desktop Macs.


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