Google Maps, Navigation app, Location-based services, AI, GPS
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Not everyone knows about this yet, but in today’s time, your current location is as useful and important as your email address and password. It is the main and the most favorite things advertisers and hackers like to know, in exact terms because of how much we’ve come to know without being aware and rely on it. Such as check-ins to store or Mart deals too, of course, navigation, we have to depend on location data in our modern lives. Also in the navigation, despite, location can fail to hit, both powered and defined by GPS technology. That’s why for the following improvement and development of Google Maps, one of the greatest search engines, Google Chrome is mixing together expanded reality, computer vision, and AI to offers and provide you more detailed, specific and more valuable and beneficial location, direction and information.

Who have already used Google Maps then they will be natural or you can say common with how it can place you just a few steps away from the location or to your destiny. Sometimes, it can result in excitement. The second time, it can be disappointing. In Self-driving cars, delivery drones, and, hopefully, in the near future, the higher location data provided by GPS will not be sufficiently good.

Google Maps, Navigation app, Location-based services, AI, GPS
Image Source:gpsworldcom

It can be good or it can be bad for you that, Google is already developing and working on it. During the last year, I/O declared that the Google Map’s AR (augmented reality) feature is stepping out for some test from the Local Guides group, which also includes the Wall Street Journal’s, David Pierce. In the starting stage, this feature is showing its high ability and some good potential.

What AR feature essentially needed from you is to hold the phone as same as you hold while capturing the images and then scan your surrounding environment as the app scan and compare building and recognize the landmarks with years’ worth of Street View information that Google has gathered in many years. In addition to using GPS to pinpoint your rough location, AR will place you in the right place where you are actually and float to point to the AR arrow in the direction you want to go. Plus, you can also enjoy the other pieces of AR information that Google Maps can swim around you.

Google does have plenty of time to understand those out, as it does not have any views of launching the feature to the huge public any time shortly.


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