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A British native was accused of intentionally infective five of his men partners with HIV and sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday. This case is one of its kinds for the country and was successful in drawing the attention of media and people from across the world.

Daryll Rowe was convicted of causing intentional bodily harm to five people and has now made his name in the newspaper headlines and internet. Daryll tried to convince the lawyers to make a petition to the judge that the disease was not anymore a longer terminal and he does not want a sentence that would reinforce the AIDS stigma.

The sentence for imprisonment was made only after hearing the statements of Rowe’s victims that also included five people who ended up with the HIV.

One of the victims said, Rowe always “did everything” to defend the virus when his parents died because of AIDS during his younger days.

One of his guardians said, “Daryll Rowe decided to take that right away from me, a part of me died that day when I was diagnosed. The old me is no longer. The new “Me” is constantly sad, thinking about how my life changed. I have been in a devastating condition by the actions of Rowe.”

Rowe was diagnosed with HIV AIDS in the year 2015, according to the Guardian. During the period of his six-week trial, he refused to get treatment and also ignored the medical assistance in front of the jury. He insisted on meeting the men he met through Grinder app and wanted to have unprotected sex. He ruthlessly and intentionally cut off the end parts of the condoms when his partners refused from unprotected sex leaving the victims completely unnoticed that to what they were being exposed to.


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