Ticks, Bug spray

In a new study which was published in the Journal of Medical Entomology states that it is good time to bug spray-laced clothing. The study said that the clothing treated with permethrin could able to stop several species of disease which cause ticks in the tracks and it helps in paralysing them or to make them fall from the clothes.

The tick-borne illnesses or Lyme disease are now increasing, and it is occurring now in a wide area. As per the recent report from the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention, and make it more important than the protection against the tick bites.

As per CDC researchers did the new study it has found that when the ticks come with a minute or two of the contact with the permethrin-treated clothing which causes ticks to become fall off the fabric. The researchers have examined the variety of permethrin-treated clothes and fabrics and found that the items can be toxic for several species of ticks and different stages in their life cycles which are potentially keeping them from getting beneath clothing and staying next to skin and start biting.

They tick after getting in contact with the bug spayed are seen that they get physically impaired and unable to bite for at least an hour after five minutes of sustained contact with the clothing. All black-legged nymphs were killed after only one minute of exposure. The findings are the said to be the strong proof, and permethrin-treated clothing gets the job done as per the researchers. Despite the findings, there are some questions about how to make the most of the products and how durable their effects after repeated washes.

According to the Eisen, “Ultimately, we’d like to be able to provide more specific guidance about the use of permethrin-treated clothing, including what types of clothing provide the best protection. Additional research in this area can improve public health recommendations.”

James Dickerson, who has done PhD and Consumer Report’s chief scientific officer, said that the research of the CDC sounds promising, but it is unclear that the permethrin-embedded apparel prevents bites. He added by saying, “The CDC’s study did not test any items while they were being worn, so it doesn’t show conclusively how well the clothes might keep ticks from biting you.”


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