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Oculus Rift Co-Founder Palmer Luckey Shipping A Free Repair Kit To Affected Users

Palmer Luckey is strongly known as the founder of Oculus VR and also for the design of the Oculus Rift. But nowadays Palmer Luckey is not in the VR hardware business...
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Razer Game Store Is Closing Down At The End Of This Month

Razer is one of the best and you can say number one in gaming when anyone talks about buying equipment to play games. But the huge step taken by Razer to...
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Latest Controller Of Patent Could Reveal The PlayStation VR Future

As per rumors and report, Sony's latest PSVR game controller has returned in two latest patents, holding various amazing and superb features. Fist time when we supported these latest controllers of the patent published...
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As Suggested By PlayStation Boss, Sony Is Making Single-Player Games

If you are a PlayStation lover and player who prefer the single player games, then for you Sony PlayStation will continue to be a must own in the coming future. Throughout many...
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Ming-Chi Kuo: About To Launch 16-inch New MacBook Pro, 6K Display In 2019

Ming-Chi Kuo a great Apple analyst is come up with a broad-reaching new investor note this beautiful evening. As told by Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple will launch its new iPad, a...
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With The Help Of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Website Is Creating Fake Faces

You might all are aware of AI. Artificial Intelligence can put human faces in impossible scenarios, but now it is all clear that AI can create their own faces that do...
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Pirated Software Utilize Apple Tech Support To Install Apps On iPhone

Pirated software has seized or you can say has controlled the technology by Apple Inc to install the modded version or hacked version of several apps such as Spotify, Angry Bird,...
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Many Google Play Store Apps Tracking Your Everyday Activity

According to the research and study by the International Computer Science Institute in California, it was discovered that it is worrisome finding. There are more than 16500 Android Apps which has...
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Google Maps App Will Add New Feature Soon, Google Testing New Mode

The main and most complicated, irritating and hazard problem of Google is that it will track your location every time, but the main problem is that if you do not permit...
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Soon New Feature Will Be Introduced By Twitter, Profile Preview On iOS Devices

Twitter can probably make it easy for strangers to remove unwanted attention or to make a new friendship. Twitter is testing its new feature called Profile Previews in its iOS app....

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