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Are you using tea towels in your homes? Most of the people are not aware of the fact that they are putting their families at risk. You might be wondering how you are doing such as a heinous work. Well, repeated use of the tea towels in the kitchen could lead to various health issues like food poisoning and will put your family at stake.

It’s true! Believe it!

Scientists took one month to measure 100 towels. Within these times, bacteria were settled on 49 towels, which is of course not a good sign. Coliforms were found on the towels during the test, which belongs to a group of species, where E.coli is an effective member.

According to the study, E.coli was more likely to settle on the towels, which are left unused, whereas the coliforms, as well as Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, was measured from significantly from the non-vegetarian diet towels.

Often, it was observed that tea towels, which are present in the large families, are more prone to bacterial growth due to the less maintenance and socio-economic backgrounds as well.  

Dr. Susheela Biranjia-Hurdoyal said that the hygienic practices, as well as the family consumption, affect the growth of bacteria, and those of you who are using the moist tea towels, are encouraging and promoting the growth of bacteria or potential pathogens, which are mainly responsible for food poisoning.

Researchers are now making you aware of this fact that E.coli is a dangerous bacterium, which is responsible for the fecal contamination and other health diseases. Unhygienic practices in the home could lead to various issues within the very short period.

In the experiment, 37% of the towels have shown the growth of coliforms, 37% tested positive for the Enterococcus bacteria, and rest 14% has developed the Staphylococcus aureus.

Multipurpose and humid towels should be discouraged, and families should avoid it using in the kitchen as well.



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