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A report by CDC shows that the number of people who are getting transmitted diseases due to mosquitoes and tick has been tripled in the US in recent years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not ask Americans to abandon their plans for softball games or other games. The officials of federal health service say that the children are at high risk from this diseases and they should be protected from outdoor pests with bug repellent.

According to a report, it said that if we look at 13 years of cases, then we can find that mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas are the primary sources of spreading new germs by biting the people.  There are about 640,000 Americans who all are affected by this vector-borne diseases that have occurred during the year 2004 and 2016.  In the year 2004, about 27,388 cases of this diseases were reported. In 2016, about 96,000 cases said.  In the year 2015, the most number of cases that are arrived are due to Zika virus from ticks.

The new tickborne diseases like Heartland virus are occurring in the continental United States. On island territories like Puerto Rico, the threat are due to the viruses like dengue and Zika.

Dr. Lyle Peterson, who is the lead author of the report, says that it the worst case as the numbers that are shown are underestimate due to the unreported or unrecognized cases. The estimation that CDC did shows that there are about 300,000 cases of Lyme disease each year and Ticks who helps in transmitting the Lyme disease have been increased in a significant manner.

Lyle added by saying that “The number of reported vector-borne disease cases has tripled over the last 13 years. This includes a doubling of diseases transmitted by ticks, which in turn accounted for 60 percent of all vector-borne diseases.”

Mosquitoes spread West Nile virus which is the most common infection in the US, and it comes to New York in the year 1999. Zika, which comes in the year 2015 to America, is now the permanent resident of Puerto Rico. Mosquito-borne viruses vary their pattern due to the epidemic nature. From the year 2004, mosquito-led disease outbreaks have been spread to only US territories like Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. The epidemic includes dengue, Chikungunya, West Nile virus and Zika. Flea-borne diseases like Plague are also occurring, but they are rare.

A report by CDC says, “Lyme disease accounted for 82 percent of all tick-borne disease reports during 2004–2016,”Among the diseases on the list that are caused by indigenous pathogens are Lyme disease, West Nile, dengue, and Zika virus diseases; plague (Yersinia pestis) and spotted fever rickettsioses,” they wrote. “Malaria and yellow fever are no longer transmitted in the United States but have the potential to be rein¬troduced,” Peterson says that this type of diseases are weather dependent but he did not say that the climate change is the main factor for this, but he said that hot weather is the main factor for this.


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