According to recent research from the centres for disease control and Prevention (CDC), more children are being diagnosed with autism disorder than before. The new research shows that one in 59 children get diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder which is an increase certainly because previously it was one in 68 children.

Dr Walter Zahorodny, a senior paediatrician and a researcher of autism disorder has shocked to see the speed of the speed. This research was done in the year 2014 by autism and development disabilities monitoring (ADDM). This is an organization that has described by the author of the study as β€œan active surveillance system that provides estimates of the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among children aged eight years.”

In this study, the network of ADDM initially identified more than 10, 000 children with the ASD symptoms in across 11 states across the world. A team of professionals and experts reviewed this matter, and they also looked at the medical and school records of these 10, 000 children since their birth out of which 5, 473 children were diagnosed with autism. This thorough and vivid research got the researchers in confusion and made sure of the accurate and consistent checkups and results.

According to the current study, the overall number of autism cases on an average was 16.8 per 1,000 children, or you can also say 1.68 percent. This number varied from one state to another. The state that showed the lowest rates of autism was Arkansas where only 13.1 were reported per 1, 000 children. The state with the highest rates of autism was New Jersey that shows 29.3 per 1, 000. There is no reason why this regional variation occurs.

Zahorodny also states, β€œ3 percent is a real landmark, given that we started at 1 percent autism prevalence 14 years ago.”

The latest rates of autism are considerably at a high pace as compared to the ones that were done in the last study from ADDM. This new research focused on the same six locations exactly that were participated in the study from 2012. In these sites, the rates of 2014 autism patients were 20 percent more than that of the study done in the 2012 research.

The answer is still unknown to why children are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at a high rate than before. The scientists and doctors are continuing their research work to find a valid answer and will surely come with a solution and a reason very soon.


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