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After a recent report about a man was being hospitalized after eating the world’s hottest and extremely spicy fruit at a competition came to the fore, a chili grower came forward and defended ‘Carolina Reaper,’ the world’s hottest pepper.

Salvatore Genovese, who has been growing more than million Carolina Reapers on his 7-acre farm located in the Bedfordshire United Kingdom, defended the world’s hottest chili pepper and told the Sky News on Sunday that the pepper has to be cooked properly and then eaten to prevent any health problems.

Carolina Reapers, Chilli

As per a report released by British Medical Journal last week reveals how a 34-year old man’s mistake of taking a bite of the ‘Carolina Reaper’ led to his hospitalization. The man, whose name is not identified, had eaten the pepper back in the year 2016 at a chili competition held in upstate New York.

After the man ingested the pepper, he later developed intense head and neck pain which spread across from his back till his head. He also developed ‘thunderclap’ headaches which would last for seconds at a time. This is the first case of a person having thunderclap headache after eating chili peppers. Moreover, the man was also diagnosed with a temporary brain condition called reversible vasoconstriction syndrome which is caused due to narrowing of the blood vessels.

Genovese said that the pepper should be cooked and eaten correctly to prevent any health issues. He said to use small amounts of the pepper, just like how we treat salt according to our taste. Carolina Reaper, if cooked properly, provides people with several health benefits.

Notably, this is not the first time that eating pepper has caused a medical emergency later on. Back in the year 2016, ghost pepper puree resulted in a hole in a man’s esophagus.


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