Image Source: Shanghai Daily

After watching the report that shows there is more than 7500 malware app, China’s cybersecurity team are taking an important step towards hardening their hold on the country’s infamously censored internet even further, and which mainly focus on the apps and games. As per the report was given by Reuters, it clearly shows that the Cyberspace Administration of China [CAC] has already deleted more than 7778 mobile apps which seems to be malicious. Many of the applications and games are overcharging from the users and many of them are directly asking for private permissions. And with the help of this, they are stealing user’s private data and information such as phone call logs.

Image Source: Shanghai Daily

In so many malicious apps there is one app which is affected by the removal was Fruit Ninja, and although it not clear till now that the Cyberspace Administration of China [CAC] dismiss the original game or it is the exact copy of Fruit Ninja. The deleted Fruit Ninja is asking users for signing up for the paid services and always show a pop message in which it is written that sign up to paid service. There are so many games out there with deliberately interesting names — Bathroom Goddess and Naughty Housemaid all of them were deleted for personal data stealing, spamming and forced downloads.

Further to the games and app violation,  Cyberspace Administration of China [CAC] tell in the report that they have deleted more than 6 million pieces of information online. This also examined Tencent news apps and games for uploading “Violating and low-brow information,” which explains the internet company’s matters with the government.  If you ask again, China will definitely put its video game approvals on the clutch after building an ethics commission to supervise the activity.

How You Can Stay Protect Yourself

When developers upload an app, they do this through the Developer console, which can automatically tell a lot about the app’s make-up. One part of it is known as what every app requests, and anything that asks for permission of SMS or phone calls log, is marked for human approval. Developers then need to fill out the “Play Permission Announcement Form” and have to explain why they need an SMS or phone call log permission, at which point a real human will review the form allegedly and the use of permission will reject or decline. Basically, phone and SMS apps will need to manually whitelist from now wards.


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