Chinese prototype of Google has been linked to phone numbers searchers
Image Source: New York Post

It has been seen that Google has built a prototype of a censored searched engine for China which has got the links to the users who all searches for the personal phone numbers. It will make it easier for the Chinese government to monitor the citizen’s queries.

This is the app based project whose codenamed is given as Dragonfly. It also likes to remove the content which is deemed by sensitive by China’s authoritarian Communist Party regime. It includes the information which is about the freedom of speech, peaceful protest, dissidents as well as human rights, as reported by Intercept.

There are some unknown details which are about the Dragonfly that includes the censorship blacklist which alleged that Google compiles it. This includes the terms like student protest and Nobel Prize in Mandarin.

It has been seen that the human rights organizations have criticized the DragonFly, as well as about seven engineers, have been resigned in protest over the lack of the accountability and transparency for the controversial project.

As per Cynthia Wong, who is the senior internet researcher with the Human Rights Watch, said that these things are very problematic from the privacy point of view. It is because it will allow for more detailed tracking as well as they are profiling the people’s behavior. It has linked the searches to the phone number as it would make it much harder for the people to avoid the kind of overreaching government surveillance which is pervasive in China.

The investigation in China is going on for many years which help the Chinese users from developing the Android with the help of the mobile apps like Google Translate as well as Files Go. The company is not close to launching the search product in China for now.  


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