Colon cancer screening should be at 45, American Cancer Society Says

In a new development, the American Cancer Society has asked to lower the screening age for colon and rectal cancer from 50 to 45. This new guideline was released on Wednesday after they seen the growing number of younger people are getting sick.

The American Cancer Society’s advice has made the old guidelines as invalid in which it states that the age from which the screening should start is 50 and that was since two years ago. As per the researchers, they said that the rise in intake of processed foods, obesity rates, and sedentary lifestyles might be co-related.

The officials of the cancer society want that the age should shift to 45, and it would cause confusion for doctors and patients, but they feel that they should need to act very firm now. The study which is done by the researchers has impressed the advocacy group, which was published last year. In this study, they have said that the rising rates of colon cancer and deaths in the young people are more than 50 and experts said that there is about more than 50 percent increase in the cases since 1994.

In the recent case, San Diego police officer Richard Valenzuela has had the Colon cancer. He said that he was running, exercising and was also eating healthy. His age is 35, and he is survived by his wife Erica and had planned many goals that they want to achieve.  

According to Richard, he said that about two years ago, when was vacationing in Manhattan, he suffered from extreme fatigue. When he felt like he is lacking the energy and was suffering from chronic constipation, he went to doctor and after the check up the symptoms shown that he was suffering from colonoscopy and it was in stage 4 by the time they caught that disease.

This case is not only one in medical history so after surfacing these type of cases frequently, but the health officials also issued guidelines for men and women whose age are in between 45 to 75 are in the average risk of colon cancer. The test includes six types of screening exams starting from inexpensive take-home stool tests to colonoscopies done every 10. These tests are also recommended by the US Preventive Service Task Force, and its next review is scheduled around 2021.


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