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In a recent discovery, the data which was collected by NASA’s late-great Cassini space probe and scientists have detected traces of complex organic molecules which are seeping out from Enceladus ice-covered ocean.

If there is life on the solar system, then there are chances on Enceladus. This moon features a vast, warm ocean with one sandwiched icy crust and a rocky core. The research shows that this ocean contained simple organic molecules, molecular hydrogen and minerals and they are important sources of the chemical energy. In our planet, the hydrothermal processes which are present near the volcanic vents are known to sustain complex ecosystems, and they raise hopes which have something similar, and it is happening on Enceladus.

As per the new research, which was published in Nature said that the Enceladus ocean has also contained the complex organic molecules. These shows the sign that the moon has contained the basic conditions and chemical ingredients to support the life. This study shows that the atmosphere of the Enceladus was warm, soupy ocean and they are capable of producing the complex and dynamic molecules. These are the kind of chemical reactions which required producing and sustaining the microbial life.

The researchers who are from the Southwest Research Institute, the University of Heidelberg and with institutions and it took a look at this data with the mass spectrometer. The scientists have detected the signatures which have consistent with large, complex and carbon-rich organic molecules. These type of findings are verified by comparing the spectral lines to an analogous experiment which have conducted on Earth. The researchers who have theorized the chemical reactions that are caused by warm water rubbing which is along the rocky core and they produce the compounds.

The study which has done on Enceladus, it exhibits the critical requirements for life and the findings which are affirmed by previous studies.


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