NASA, Lunar Space Station

NASA’s aim to return to the moon could see a significant push during the year 2019.  On April 19th, 2018, a representative of NASA announced the plan of NASA during the Space Symposium conference. The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway is the planned staging area which will help in studies of the moon and the deep-space environment. 

NASA is now looking for a contractor who will help in building the spacecraft named as The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway. The first spending of the NASA will be on the platform to make power and Propulsion elements which are followed by habitation components. The Associate Administrator William Gerstenmaier said at the Space Symposium conference in Colorado Springs that they would be launching this spacecraft during the year 2022.

When the Lunar Orbital Platform-gateway gets completed, the NASA expected that the Gateway would be orbiting the moon by 2025. The Gateway will be like a go-between platform which will help in building a bridge between the moon and the deep space. The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway will take four astronauts at a time, and it will allow the astronauts to complete their mission within 30 days. The tasks like exploring the deep space and potential missions on the moon or astronomical object’s vicinity.

The main aim of NASA’s gateway is to land humans on the moon and to do research on the moon about the presence of water near the surface. The gravity of the moon is said to help the spacecraft to reduce its blistering speed which will be used for six-month voyages back and forth to Mars. As a result, this will facilitate the re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere.

Gateway will be launched with the help of Orion spacecraft which is now assembled by Lockheed Martin. The service module of the spacecraft was provided by the European Space Agency (ESA).  The first flight of Orion is scheduled for next year, and this craft will be serving as a command deck when it will be docked with the platform.


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