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The race of the new updates has started between the major organizations of the smartphones devices. Apple has announced about its new ios update iOS 13 that is all set to arise from the first week of the month of June. But Google is running ahead in this race from Apple as per the reports, Google has made two new versions of the operating system that are also all set to take place. The company has introduced the first beta of Android Q that pushed to developers in March. The testing of the latest operating system Q being started on Google Pixel 3.

One more terrific addition has made with the new operating system Andriod Q that claimed the responsibility to make the things different like never before. It is a treat to all the android fans the thing is known as Dark Mode. It is for the first time that Google takes a decision to replace the common white background with the black text on it. Google designers were given appropriate time to make the black theme exactly what the users wants, the completely dashing glance and experience.

This time with the dark theme the look of the device is more attracting. When you swipe your phone’s screen from the top and the setting the combination of white, grey, and blue icons emerges on the black background. It is to be said the icons have their colors. The most interesting feature in the theme is the android dark mode and it is way comforting. The new features of the theme include the app selection menu and the Google now feed which can be used just by right swiping from the home screen. It even mutes the level of transparency and because of this feature, the dark mode effects are way soothing.

The Dark mode is considered as the great enhancement that gives a positive and remarkable impression and observation. Using navigation mode in the dark mode is effortless as it gives pressure to the already tired eyes. The Dark theme is not completely perfect, the dark theme is not universal because of its limited development in the Android Q. Like the UI, menus, and setting are fewer that adopting the black, white, and blue mode in the device at a particular moment. But along with the time the developers made the dark theme more capable than now.

Image Source: Cnet

The new benefit coming with the dark mode is that it is less power consuming, and by turning dark mode on it can convert the rest of Google app dark along with the third party app that as they give self-response to the dark mode. The dark mode also proves beneficial for those users to have low vision as they enhance the visibility for those users. A Force Dark mode also introduced by Google that is encouraging the dark mode which analyzes that also applies the dark theme on the apps that are light themed. Google issued a statement on its Force Dark mode on the developer blog. ” Some developers use a mix of Force Dark Mode and native implementation to cut down on the amount of time needed to implement the dark theme.

Google has introduced a magnificent feature with its Android Q that gives an ultimate experience to the users. The eye-catching and loaded with lots of feature and facilities are made it the best theme until now. Google enhanced the stability and performance of the device with its current updates Android Pie operating system. In the previous OS Android Oreo had some of few battery improvements, notifications, and control changes updated with Oreo.

The improvement made with the previous operating system is beneficial for the users but no one neglect that they are not much exciting and not the exact thing that attracts the user. Repetitive features and looks are attached to the OS. But now the Google has done an appreciable revolution with the dark theme. It gives an experience to the users like never before, Dark Mode in the Android Q is almost everything that user want to interact with. The combination of light text on the black background blow you up entirely.

The Operating System is doing perfectly in the Pixel, running fluently in the device and much faster than before including app switching, opening app, and doing day to day task is taking place faster in the device. Google is giving a new interactive mode with the navigation mode that gives less strain to the eyes of the user. The back button is gradually removing from the device if you swiping in either direction and using by the button shape buttons helps you in moving the screen of the phone backward and forward. The dark mode works the same almost the same as iPhone Navigation works.

The Android Q is also coming with the AI speaking that will improve phone-based life. Google will suggest an action with every notification you receive in your device. There are many things in Android Q you always want you in your smartphone. It seems a superior operating system with an excellent theme coming along with it. The Android Q is also coming with the 5G compatibility that boos the speed of data and work can be done even faster than before. Internet surfing and doing other works on the internet can give another level of experience with the new Android Q. Improved messaging experience also be seen in the new operating system, it gives you fine observation while messaging and opening a link. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.




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