The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is now under uncertainty as NASA on Tuesday informed that some avoidable errors and technical issues have again delayed the launch date. As per the report, the launch will be delayed to 2020. The mission is already running behind the schedule and will cross the $8 billion-dollar cap fixed by Congress.  Recently, some problems were detected with the spacecraft bus of the observatory and now the scientists will review that section and need to prepare it for liftoff. Robert Lightfoot, NASA’s acting administrator stated, “The project has achieved numerous successful milestones, and 100 percent of the observatory’s flight hardware is now complete.”

The telescope which is designed to gather information about the early universe was previously scheduled to launch in October 2018. Then further delayed to June 2019.Now, the expected launch time is May 2020.  Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate state “we have one shot to get this right before going into space.”

Well, still now NASA has not evaluated the extra cost which the agency can face this delay. If the total expense goes above $8 billion limits, then Congress may cancel the program. As per the new information, NASA will submit the new report to Congress very soon. Till now, NASA has been spent around $7.3 billion on this project. But, now it is expected that the agency will spend around $500 million more this year. Lightfoot informed that the team needs to successfully integrate both halves of the observatory into the final flight configuration and will do some important tests after the assessment of all tasks.

Even though, the telescope and instruments have been passed the standalone tests, the team who is in charge of developing the satellite is now running under some problems, NASA informed. The James Webb Space Telescope will be placed around 1.5 million kilometers away from Earth. It will be the upgraded version of the Hubble Space Telescope and will provide 100 times more sensitive information.


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