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A doctor was charged with fraud as the patients claim that he has falsely accommodated the diseases that the patients didn’t have. He has done misdiagnose for the diseases which are not there in the patient’s body. This was done to get some extra money for the treatment, and as a result, the doctor can live a lavish life of his choice.

According to a patient, Maria Zapata who had gone to see Dr Jorge Zamora-Quezada who is little more than five years ago as her knees were bothering her. The rheumatologist who had seen her has told that she has had arthritis and she needs to get her injections to strengthen the cartilage in her knee. When the husband of the lady asked the doctor about the injections, then he assured them that this treatment would help her.

Doctor, Health

As per Maria, this medication didn’t help her rather the things got worse for her. The discolouration of the legs start to occur, and when she visited other doctors, they raised a concern about the treatment that she got despite not having arthritis. When joint federal and local investigate this matter, they said that she is not the one who has given wrong treatment.

A task force who is investigating the Zamora-Queada has announced that on Monday that he was framed in a fraud case which involves about $240 million in claims which is part of the Fraudulent statements and it is submitted to the health care benefit programs, and it results to $50 million which is paid to doctor.

This news of misdiagnosing was spread like fire among the other people. All the worried patients who are treated at the Brownsville, Edinburg and San Antonio clinics have expressed the concern about the same on the Facebook. All other had shared their stories about how the mother, children, and grandmother were treated. According to the Department of Justice, they said on Monday that the rheumatologist that was given to the patients like chemotherapy and toxic treatments and they don’t need at all those treatments. All this was given by a doctor to fund his lifestyle in such a way that it would be a lavish lifestyle at last.

The FBI is now asking all the patients who are under this doctor for treatment to contact them who are between January 2000 and May 2018 through email or by contacting them in their contact number.


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